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Assignment ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice

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ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice (ENEG20001)


Added on  2020-05-16

Assignment ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice


ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice (ENEG20001)

   Added on 2020-05-16

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1Australian Engineering Practice
Assignment  ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice_1
2Team collaborationAccording to me, to develop collaboration in a team the basic step is to trust each other. It’s better to distribute a task to respective team members and by organising the process. The leadership skills are easy for me as in school I was the class monitor and hence I know how to manage people and get the work done easily[ CITATION JHa11 \l 16393 ]. I am still working on my feedback skills and conflict resolution skills as these skills are necessary for effective team working. I concluded that collaboration is very important in my team project as it gets very easy to find the solution of a problem. It also results in good relationship between the team members and hence the production or the output is fast. The best thing for me was that I was able to get solutions to my problems very easily. By discussing the problems with everyone I got many innovative ideas to solve the problem and it enhanced myknowledge too. Apart from this, the frustrating part was that it was difficult to work solely. Being a part of team, I have to help my team mates which wasted my time[ CITATION SBo17 \l 16393 ].Team leaderWhen I was in my college, once I was asked to be a team leader of a task in which we had to create advertising banners for a car dealer. The team comprised of 5 members and I was asked to instruct them and get the work done. All the team members pitched their ideas and we choose the best idea. It was not at all an easy task as the team member’s conflicted and some of the disagreed with others ideas. I told them that it was pointless to argue and it’s better to move on and choose the perfect idea for the advertisement. The main challenge was to assign the tasks to different team members as I was having no idea about their respective capabilities. As a result, eventually the work was not going as per the requirements. It was also a difficult task to maintain relationships and co-ordination between the team members[ CITATION CRu13 \l 16393 ].Be an effective engineerTo be an effective engineer respective of the working environment I would have to make many key changes in my skills like,
Assignment  ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice_2

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