BBQfun organisational chart Simulated business: BBQfun.

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Business plan excerptSimulated business: BBQfunSimulated business: BBQfunBusiness plan excerptVersion: 1 | January 2016BSBMGT517 Manage operational planPage1of 18From BBQfun business plan FY 2012–2013MissionTo provide our customers with great value outdoor lifestyle products and second-to-nonecustomer service.VisionTo be south-east Queensland’s leading outdoor lifestyle retailer within five years.ValuesQuality.Customer value.People: Active encouragement of safety, teamwork, diversity, excellence, innovation andcontinuous improvement.Strategic directionsThe strategic context in which BBQfun will achieve its mission and vision is through:engaging with customers through marketing, research and personalised servicebuilding a reputation for quality products and quality customer servicesupporting people to perform via training and performance managementincreasing sales revenuecontrolling costs through operational efficiency.
BBQfun organisational chartSimulated business: BBQfunBBQfun organisational chartVersion: 1 | January 2016BSBMGT517 Manage operational planPage2of 18Externalconsultant(you)Board of DirectorsandCEOPat MifsudChief FinancialOfficerRiz MehraOperationsGeneral ManagerKim ChenHuman ResourcesManagerLes GoodaleManager MarketingSam LeeManager BrisbanePat SweeneyManagerGold CoastAlex Mitchell
Recruitment and induction policy and proceduresSimulated business: BBQfunPerformance management policy and proceduresBBQfun Performance Management PolicyPurposeThe purpose of this policy is to ensure performance management iscarried out consistently, fairly and transparently and in accordance withorganisational requirements.ScopeThe scope of this policy covers the performance management processby employees and contractors of BBQfun.ResourcesSpecific procedures for the implementation of this policy are availablebelow and on the company intranet.ResponsibilityManagers will:carry out formal performance review discussions twice annuallymonitor individual performance throughout the year, recording keyevents, observations of importance which relate to theperformance, both positive and negativeuse the performance management documentation to recordformal and informal performance reviewsprovide employees with the opportunity to participate andcontribute to their professional and personal developmentprovide employees access to training and development, asreflected in the individual’s development planprovide underperforming employees with coaching anddevelopment throughout the review period, using the GROWmodel to help structure their planning for formal coachingsessions or informal, side-by-side sessionsprovide employees with opportunity to communicate their careerdevelopment goals.Relevant legislation,etc.Privacy Act 1988(Cwlth)Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991(Qld)Fair Work Act 2009(Cwlth)AS ISO 15489: 2002 Records managementUpdated/authorised10/2012 – Riz Mehra CFOProcedure to conduct performance reviewThe employee’s performance will be monitored and evaluated regularly throughout the year. Theperformance review encompasses three elements:Version: 1 | January 2016BSBMGT517 Manage operational planPage3of19
Recruitment and induction policy and proceduresSimulated business: BBQfunan annual formal review discussiona six month follow-up discussioncontinuous monitoring of the employee’s performance.1. Annual discussionThe annual discussion is a key step in the performance review process. Essentially, this step involvescompiling all the information collected and assessed throughout the year relating to the employee’sperformance.The key elements of the annual discussion are to:reflect on performance during the yearclarify key responsibilities of the role and review the job descriptiondiscuss successes as well as areas for improvementset agreed targets and performance standards for the next six monthsagree on key areas of development for effective performance in the role.2. DocumentationThe performance review documentation provides an important guide to record the standards expectedof an individual, their targets (according to the job role) and individual development plans. It is importantto use the correct forms to maintain the integrity of the information, and to help the manager andemployee ensure the review is completed correctly.3. TimingEmployee performance is to be formally reviewed every 12 months with a follow-up review in sixmonths. A new plan should be completed at each annual appraisal discussion.4. Six month follow-up discussionThe follow-up review provides an opportunity for managers and employees to revisit targets, standardsand development plans to:establish that progress is on trackidentify changes impacting on the achievement of targets and standards setdiscuss development plan progress or establish development planmodify standards and targets, if required.Version: 1 | January 2016BSBMGT517 Manage operational planPage4of19
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