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BISS Unit Assessment 2016-2017The unit assessment will consist of a year-long portfolio report (70% of unit) within which students willproduce a report on a chosen current security issue facing business, and a final exam (30% of unit) whichassesses understanding of the wider set of topics within the L.O.s for the unit. The strategy is basedaround the notion of students embedding the knowledge and understanding attained during the unitdelivery by making choices regarding technology, strategy, cost and effectiveness. The Report:Students will conduct research into a defined topic, or a student selected topic area, and then to produce areport supporting and demonstrating their in depth investigation. The students will reflect on theirdecisions, justifying their approach and discussing the professional, ethical issues and standards appliedto their strategy. There will be opportunity for students to get feedback on their investigation, including an initial abstractdefining the security topic being investigated, and a preliminary report. The word count for assignmentwill consist of a main report body (1,500 to 2,000 words), a small abstract (200 to 250 words), andpreliminary assessment for Peer Review/Feedback (300-350 words, which can be included in theappendix of main report). [A total of 2,000 to 2,600 words]Report Marks and DeliverablesThis will consist of a staged submission to enable constructive feedback to be given to students. This consists of an initial abstract to be handed in week 8 of teaching, and preliminary assessment of two or more relevant references in week 19 for Peer Review/Feedback (formative feedback, not marked), and the main report during the consolidation period after Easter.You should have a meaningful title for your handed in work (e.g. covering the technology or incident).a)Initial Abstract (10 marks) detailing topic selection, issues and expected method andidentification of initial sources of information. The initial abstract will be between 200 to 250words. This will be handed in during teaching week 8 via Moodle in time to get somefeedback before the Christmas Break. The initial abstract should contain:an outline of the chosen security topic for investigation, an indication of why it is relevant,an indication of how the topic will be investigated andan initial list of likely sources of informationexample of two references used/likely to be used (in correct format)The initial abstract would expect to be supported by references where relevant.b)Preliminary assessment Peer Review (Formative Feedback/Not marked): Students will bringalong a preliminary assessment report consisting of a review using three or more referenceswithin the topic area for Peer Review/Feedback during the seminar sessions in Teaching week 19and 20. The preliminary assessment should be a max of 350 words long (about a page) withappropriate referencing. Students will be allocated feedback and peer review slots closer to thePeer Review sessions.c)Main body of report (90 marks) consisting of:-Final Report (60 marks): Students will conduct research into their chosen security related area(guidance and details about topic selection is below) and produce a report consisting of a criticalevaluation of the topic including items such as identification of (where relevant to the topic)current issues, technologies, protocols, examples, trends, weaknesses, implications, potentialimpacts, solutions or anything else pertinent to the topic. Note students are not necessarilyexpected to cover all of the above, just those that are deemed relevant to the topic investigated.

Reflection and discussion of peer review: including decisions, topic, approach, feedback given ortaken, limitations and investigation. Note students are not necessarily expected to cover all ofthese, just those that are deemed relevant, though it is expected that it would include discussion ofthe peer review activity. (15 marks)Discussion of relevant professional, social, ethical issues and any relevant standards to the topicinvestigated in the report (15 marks). Note, again students are not necessarily expected to coverall of these, just those that are deemed relevant.Students may wish to use appropriate heading for each of these sections in their report. It is suggestedthat students allocate a relative and appropriate number of words for each section (e.g. suggest allocating15% of report words for a section giving 15% of marks).Please include a word count at the end of the reports and abstract. Items in the appendix and thereference list are not counted in the word counts. Penalties may be applied to excessively long or shortpieces of work. Students can use bullet points, tables, figures and diagrams where suitable to inform their arguments andpresent information. Further supporting material may be included in an appendix to the report if required.In particular, outputs and results of analysis using any of the techniques applied in the seminar sessionscan be included in the appendix to aid discussion in the reports. Students must use appropriate referencing of material used in their report. Poor referencing will attractmark penalties.Hand-in dates:The Initial Abstract: is to be handed into Moodle by Friday 18th November 2016 in teachingweek 8. The abstract should contain a header consisting of the title of the investigation, thestudent number, and the day and time of the tutorial session (to help with giving feedbackto students).Preliminary report for formative feedback: is to be handed in to the CAM office in Lion Gatebuilding by Thursday 16th February 2017, teaching week 18 (ready for formative feedback in thetutorials in the following two weeks).The main report: should be handed in to the CAM office in Lion Gate building by Thursday 23rdMarch 2017.Feedback on the submission will be within the University 20 working days guidelines. Note that 20 daysafter the 23rd March hand-in will include the Easter break period so feedback may be extended toaccommodate this.Assessment Guidance:-Plagiarism and Poor ScholarshipThis piece of work requires you to conduct research on your chosen topic. You are expected tounderstand how to reference using the Harvard APA V6 format. Therefore, marks will be deducted forpoor scholarship and NO marks will be awarded for the entire assignment if ANY part of it is found to bedirectly copied from printed or published work or another student.Use respected websites, and sources, where possible for your information gathering. To avoid plagiarismrewrite using your own words, but ensure where you have used the ideas of others you acknowledge thesource within the text and provide the full source in the references at the end of the document (usingHarvard APA V6 format). The majority of your document will need to be referenced, unless the idea is

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