PP6004 Clinical and Applied Physiology Module Assessment


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PP6004-Clinical and Applied PhysiologyFurther guidanceThere are 3 assessment components on this module (component 1= exam; component 2= portfolio; component 3= oral presentation). Further details are given below. All students need to keep a lab book which records all lab sessions. The lab book will be checked at the end of the year by the module leader (it is not required to be submitted). 1.Exam (component 1)- 3 hours-50%Exam paper (essays) in the Assessment weeks beginning the weeks beginning8th May, 15th May, 22nd May 2017 = 50%3 essays need to be answered in 3 hours. The paper consists of 8-10 questionssplit into 3 sections, you need to answer 1 question from each section. Revisionsessions will also be provided. Reassessment will be another exam paper in thesummer.We expect a good exam essay to include, a good structure (ideally a plan), focussedon answering the question with depth and detail, illustrated by appropriate diagrams, quantitative statements and evidence of outside reading including from journals. 2. Coursework Portfolio (component 2)-30%This portfolio needs to be submitted via Turnitin and needs to include the following:i) Lab Report- one wordprocessed practical lab report in the format of a physiology journal paper ( e.g. Journal of Physiology- Abstract, intro, methods, results, discussion, references)- in no more than 4 sides of A4-see separate file on instructions.This report can be based on any practical attended during the module.ii) Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper- You will choose a journal paper published in the last 5 years on any topic relevant to the module. It cannot be a review article. You will then write a critical appraisal in no more than 4 sides of A4, answering the following areas:What is the background to the paper and aimWhat methods were used to investigate the aim
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