PP6004-Clinical and Applied Physiology | Assignment

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PP6004-Clinical and Applied PhysiologyFurther guidanceThere are 3 assessment components on this module (component1= exam; component 2= portfolio; component 3= oralpresentation). Further details are given below.All students needto keep a lab book which records all lab sessions. The lab bookwill be checked at the end of the year by the module leader (it isnot required to be submitted).1.Exam (component 1)- 3 hours-50%Exam paper (essays) in the Assessment weeks beginning theweeks beginning8thMay, 15thMay, 22ndMay 2017= 50%3 essays need to be answered in 3 hours. The paper consists of 8-10 questionssplit into 3 sections, you need to answer 1 question from each section. Revisionsessions will also be provided. Reassessment will be another exam paper in thesummer.We expect a good exam essay to include, a good structure (ideally a plan), focussedon answering the question with depth and detail, illustrated by appropriate diagrams,quantitative statements and evidence of outside reading including from journals.2. Coursework Portfolio (component 2)-30%This portfolio needs to be submitted via Turnitin and needsto include the following:i) Lab Report- one wordprocessed practical lab report in the format of aphysiology journal paper ( e.g. Journal of Physiology- Abstract, intro,methods, results, discussion, references)- in no more than 4 sides of A4-see separate file on instructions.This report can be based on any practical attended during the module.ii) Critical appraisal of a recent journal paper-You will choose ajournal paper published in the last 5 years on any topic relevant to themodule. It cannot be a review article. You will then write a criticalappraisal in no more than 4 sides of A4, answering the following areas:What is the background to the paper and aimWhat methods were used to investigate the aim
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