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BNV6047 Project Management Assignment

Added on - 16 May 2020

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BNV6047 Project ManagementAcademic Year 2018CWRK001 – Project Scheduling and Cost ManagementName of the UniversityName of StudentID of StudentDated: April 26, 2018Total Word count =
Solution 1:a)The Network DiagramFigure: Network DiagramSource: developed by authorb)Overall Durationi.Critical Path:The activities which cannot be delayed by any unit, as it can cause the delay ofoverall project duration are called the critical path activities[ CITATION Yan00 \l16393 ][ CITATION Ste09 \l 16393 ].The critical path of the project isABCEFGHii. & iii.Task NameEarly StartLate StartEarly FinishLate FinishTotalSlack[ CITATIONSir10 \l16393 ]Free SlackEarly stageresidentialconstruction projectMon 02-04-18Mon 02-04-18Mon 06-08-18Mon 06-08-180 days0 daysA - Lay access roadMon 02-04-18Mon 02-04-18Wed 18-04-18Wed 18-04-180 days0 daysB - Erect fenceThu 19-04-18Thu 19-04-18Mon 30-04-18Mon 30-04-180 days0 daysC - Demolition ofexisting structureTue 01-05-18Tue 01-05-18Thu 17-05-18Thu 17-05-180 days0 daysD - Disposal ofdemolished material,off siteFri 18-05-18Wed 01-08-18Wed 23-05-18Mon 06-08-1864 days64 daysE - Top soil removalFri 18-05-18Fri 18-05-18Thu 07-06-18Thu 07-06-180 days0 daysF - Hardcore fillingand compactingFri 08-06-18Fri 08-06-18Mon 25-06-18Mon 25-06-180 days0 daysG - Erect siteaccommodationTue 26-06-18Tue 26-06-18Thu 12-07-18Thu 12-07-180 days0 days
H - Fit outFri 13-07-18Fri 13-07-18Mon 06-08-18Mon 06-08-180 days0 daysI - Electrical servicesFri 18-05-18Fri 06-07-18Thu 24-05-18Thu 12-07-1842 days42 daysJ - Temporary drainconnectionFri 18-05-18Tue 26-06-18Mon 04-06-18Thu 12-07-1833 days33 daysK - Excavate and laywater serviceFri 18-05-18Mon 02-07-18Tue 29-05-18Thu 12-07-1838 days38 daysL - Fit gatesFri 13-07-18Mon 30-07-18Fri 20-07-18Mon 06-08-1814 days14 daysBy calculating the duration in forward path, the early dates are obtained & bycalculating the backward path, late dates are obtained[ CITATION Ökm14 \l 16393 ].c)The revised network diagram:Figure: Comparison of NetworksSource: developed by authorAs we can observe from the above drawn network diagram, that even after increasingthe duration of activity electrical services due to unavailability of electrical materialfrom 6 days to 18 days it is not affecting the overall project schedule because from theabove tableit can be observed that the activity is having 42 days of positivefloat,which way is that the activity can be delayed for 42 days without affecting theoverall project schedule.It's by increasing the duration of the activity electricalservices I did not impacted the overall project schedule oddly it short duration hasincreased from 6 days to 18 days.
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