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Project Management Techniques

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Added on  2021-04-24

Project Management Techniques

   Added on 2021-04-24

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUESPLANNING REPORTTIMEANDRESOURCEOPTIMIZATIONFor time and resource optimization, the current utilization of resources was first exploredthrough calculations of total available force, effective force, and ideal force, based on whicheffective workforce ratio and ideal force ratio was calculated. The figure above shows the existing timelines and durations of the project schedule and basedon the same calculations were made and scope for optimization was identified. One keymethod of resource optimization is resource levelling which involves critical path analysis,fast tracking of the processes, and project crashing[ CITATION Alc00 \l 16393 ]. Critical Path Method: Critical path method was used for determination of the exactdurations of each project task and then a critical path was calculated to find out the maximumtime tasks can take to proceed from initial stage till the last stage for the project. If there isany delay in this critical path, it can cause the delay in the entire project. Thus, mostresources need to be given to the critical path[ CITATION Anu16 \l 16393 ]. The table below shows the critical activities or tasks of the project
Project Management Techniques_1
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUESTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsResource Names
Project Management Techniques_2
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUESPlans and site36 daysWed 28-02-18Wed 18-04-18 Create siteplans2 daysWed 28-02-18Thu 01-03-18Draftsperson Arrangecouncil permit2 daysFri 02-03-18Mon 05-03-182Draftsperson Prepare site7 daysMon 26-03-18Tue 03-04-183FS+14daysLabourer[300%],Carpenter[300%] Organizematerials4 daysMon 26-03-18Thu 29-03-184SSSupervisor Layfoundations7 daysWed 04-04-18Thu 12-04-184,5Concrete,Carpenter,Labourer[200%] Plumbing forsewerage3 daysFri 13-04-18Tue 17-04-186Plumber Pour slab1 dayWed 18-04-18Wed 18-04-187Concrete[300%],Carpenter[300%],Labourer[300%] Foundationscomplete0 daysWed 18-04-18Wed 18-04-188To Lock up25 daysThu 19-04-18Wed 23-05-18 Erect framing4 daysThu 19-04-18Tue 24-04-189Carpenter[400%] Lay roofing12 daysWed 25-04-18Thu 10-05-1811RoofTiler[200%],Labourer[200%] Brick walls6 daysFri 11-05-18Fri 18-05-1812Bricklayer[400%] Fit windowsand doors3 daysMon 21-05-18Wed 23-05-1811,13Carpenter[200%] Lockup0 daysWed 23-05-18Wed 23-05-1814Fit out89 daysWed 28-02-18Mon 02-07-18 Electricalcables2 daysThu 24-05-18Fri 25-05-1815Electrician Internalplumbing3 daysThu 24-05-18Mon 28-05-1817SSPlumber Plaster walls6 daysTue 29-05-18Tue 05-06-1817,18Plasterer[300%] Internal doorsand trim4 daysWed 06-06-18Mon 11-06-1819Carpenter[200%] Install kitchen4 daysTue 12-06-18Fri 15-06-1820Cabinet Maker[200%]
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