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BUS5BIDDepartment of Management and Marketing Business InformationSystems Design (BUS5BID)Semester 1, 2016SUBMITTED BYRAVEEN SANJAY SELVARAJ-18743411UJJWAL ANAND -18031490pg.1
BUS5BIDTASK 11. What is your field of interest?2. Do you have any previous experience in that field? If sowhat is your previous designation?3. Designation you like to get into?4. Any previous experience of work? With reference?5. Do you have basic knowledge about using MS office?6. Would you prefer permanent job or contract job?7. Are you available for working night shifts?8. What is the salary expected?9. Would you able to work in location other than your hometown?10. How many hours do you work per week?11. Which of these you think its important a) job security orb) high salary?12. What is specific about you?13. What is reason for changing your job? If experiencedanswer.14. What is negative and positive about you?pg.2
BUS5BIDpg.4BUSINESS PROCESS1.Clients (company) asks for skilled employe.2.Applicant sends his/her resume to the HR manager.3.Interviewer provide appointment and interviews the Applicant.4.Results of the interview is published.5.Selected Applicants are asked for face to face interview to client.6.Salary ,work hours and location details are given to successfulApplicant.7.15% of pay per hour is gained by Choice Appoinments from salary ofsuccessful applicants.PRODUCTS1.Resume of each applicant.2.Result- Name list of selected candidates .3.Offerletter(information about the job).4.Details and certificates of Applicant.CUSTOMERS1.Applicant –person who applies forjob.2.Interviewer –HR manager.3.client company- company that hires.
BUS5BIDTASK 3PERFOMANCE OF SYSTEMCustomersProductsRequirement of the applicant isanalysed and stored by consultant.Supplying perfect resources forthe client or company.15% of salary of each successapplicant is profit for consultancy.Result of each test is calculated.Resume of every applicant and personaldetails are stored in database so they will beused for contacting applicant to inform theircorrect opportunity.Offer letter, job description, salarystatement are given to successful applicants.Business ProcessResume is collected from all the applicants.According to client requirement consultant selects the applicant.Interviewer gives appointment and conducts the interview.Results are published and successful applicants are listed.Job offers and salary statement are given.15% of salary is taken by consultant as profit for the choice appointment.ParticipantsInformationTechnologyApplicant-whoapplies for the job.Client-whorequires recourses.Consultant-HRmanager of ChoiceAppointment. Informationregarding the applicant-Resume.Required resourcewith skills for theclient company.Test resultsreleased by the Computer aided tests areconducted.Resume rejection softwareare used for selecting thecorrect resume.Consultancy databases usedfor the storing of allinformation of the applicant.pg.5INFORMATION1.Resume.2.Result of the tests3.Seleted Applicantsprocedure.4.Job description.5.PARTICIPANTS1.Client who requireresourses.2.Consultant-HR manager.3.Applicant.TECHNOLOGY1.Applicants details storedin the database.2.Resume selectionsoftware.3.Mails.4.Computer aided tests.
BUS5BIDconsultant afterinterview test.-successful applicant.Offer letter.Salary statement.Job description.Applicant are frequentlycontacted by the consultantregarding the offer by mails ortelephonic calls.TASK 4ERD DIAGRAMpg.6Contact.nosalaryComp.idConsul.idnameCOMPANYconsultCONSULTANTJob.idnamePhone.noNameaddressApplicantPh.npInterviewapplicantaddress
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