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INTRODUCTIONBusiness law is the legal term which has been stands for commercial law. It is useful forcompanies while incorporation, liquidation and winding up of organization. Business law canguide person who start firm whether it is private or public. In each case they are bound to fulfilrules and regulation which are mentioned under law. It governs businesses to deal with civil aswell as criminal cases. Such law consists contract, torts, protection of consumers, employmentissues and much more (Deakin, 2011). Members of entities are responsible to follow basicprinciples of business law in their everyday business or legal activities. Government of UK playsignificant role in reducing harassment and inequalities from every company. In present report,discussed about different sources of law which are helpful for parties to resolve their disputewhether related to civil or criminal cases. Also report is must focused on appropriate legalsolution for several types of business problems. Also it consists information about AlternateDispute Resolution which is the legal body introduced by courts for the purpose of reduceburden of cases. TASK 1P1.Several types of cases are dealt with in specific courts. Such as criminal cases need to be solveby criminal courts and civil cases by civil courts. Large number of cases are entertaining bycrown courts which are serious and important in nature. In case crown courts fails to solve thematter of parties. After that parties having rights to appeal in high court as well as potentially filecourt of appeal in supreme court. Civil cases are entertaining by magistrates. Initially partieshave to file their case in county courts. But against it can be file in high court then to supremecourt. With the help of this procedure parties are easily resolve their matter within stipulated timeperiod and receive fair justice as well. The tribunals system has its own systematic structure inorder to deal with different cases. It covers all types of disputes of parties and responsible toprovide best possible solution for the same (Mason and Stephenson, 2015).Legal rules and regulations are defined by several sources of law. Members of legalauthorities are responsible to use their collective efforts in order to comply with policies of law.there are different sources of law are as aligned below-1

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