(solved) Cadbury Marketing Essentials

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Marketing Essentials
INTRODUCTIONMarketing can be defined as the process which starts with the process of idea generationabout any product or service and ends on the customer satisfaction after delivering andconsumption of that product or service from the customers. It is a very essential part in theoperations of a business to be performed. The following assignment is based upon Cadbury inwhich the different processes of marketing will be explained. The roles and responsibilities ofthe Marketing Manager in Cadbury will also be explained(Al-Ekam and et. al., 2012). TheMarketing Department also influences and interrelates on the other functional departments of thecompany. This interrelation and influence will also be explained in this assignment. Further theassignment will also make its focus on the value and importance that it provides to the company.It is very important to maintain proper relation between different departments for Cadbury andthe importance of this effective relation in between different organisational departments are alsocovered in this assignment. The marketing plan will be produced and evaluated and thecomparison will be made in between Cadbury and other organisation's marketing mix to meet thebusiness objectives.MAIN BODY1) Concept of Marketing, Current and Future TrendsMarketing can be defined as the process which starts with the process of idea generationand ends with the customer satisfaction.The marketing concept is a belief that companies musthave knowledge about the needs and rational decisions to beat their competitors in satisfying theneeds of the customers. The marketing concept includes many concepts such as productionconcept, product concept, the selling concept, the marketing concept, and the social marketingconcept. The explanation of these concepts are provided as under-Production Concept:In accordance with this concept,the customers will buy only thoseproducts which are easy to access and less expensive. So the manager of Cadbury willfocus on the quality and the distribution of products according to the demands of thecustomers.Selling Concept:This concept is based on the promotion of the products in the market sothat the sales of that product can be increased(Baker and Magnini, 2016). The managerof Cadbury will focus upon promoting the products of the company to increase its sales.
Product Concept:In this concept, the main focus is on the quality, performance and waysof improvement in the products of the company. The manager of Cadbury should focusupon improving the quality of its products.Marketing Concept:This concept of marketing focuses on the achievement oforganisational goals by knowing and satisfying the needs of the customers. Focusingupon this concept will help in increment and satisfaction among the customer base in themarket.Societal Marketing Concept:In this concept value is delivered to customers in a waywhich satisfies both customers and society's well being. This concept will help themanager of Cadbury in creating a good image both from the viewpoint of customers andsociety.Current Trends in Marketing-Virtual Reality- It is increasing becoming a marketing tool for big and small both brands.It is used in a way that makes sense for your overall messaging and target audience.Artificial Intelligence- The use of this trend is increasing in the marketing as it increasesthe user engagement such as integrating Artificial Intelligence with a site's chat box byadding more creativity in it.Future Trends in Marketing-Change in Consumer Habit-the focus on the customer experience is driven by consumersgrowing demand and personalised shopping experiences. Companies must adopt policiesin accordance with the changing habits of the customers(Campbell and Martin, 2015).The influence on the marketing will be that the marketing strategies of Cadbury willchange according to the change in habits of the customers.Building Customer Trust-Building the brand trust and the enhancing the communicationin between the customers and the company will be helpful for Cadbury as better relationwill result in the loyalty of the customers towards the products of Cadbury. It will alsoinfluence on marketing as the ways of providing information to the customers will alsochange in this respect.
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