Critical Evaluation Case Study 2022


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Critical Evaluation
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Accessibility feature of the Developed site
As the incorrect HTML used on the pages may lead to problems for assistive
technology in interpreting the web page content. In this way this can potentially lead to the
access problems for the intended end users. Therefore, the developed page is validated using
the http://validator.w3.org in order to check and make the HTML code standard one so that
the browsers and assistive technologies does not have any issue to display the content. For the
image there are alt text provided. This alt-text acts as replacement of the image used
anywhere on the page and is whenever the image fails to load on the page.
The website is tested with a keyboard use. For the developed page, navigation of the
page is tested using the tab key in order to navigate through the seven pages of the web site. It
is found that the users will be able to access the interactive features on the pages such as
navigation menus, buttons, links, form fields and other relevant controls. The users can also
and operate as well as use the controls by pressing Enter key, space bar or other available
keystrokes. Therefore, here it can be said that as most of the controls are accessible through
the keyboard on the developed site the users can use those features easily and have a good
accessibility level with minimal problem.
Effectiveness of the CSS and what improvements
Reduce the size of your stylesheets
In order to enhance the performance of the website it is desired to reduce the size of
the style sheets with the fewer selectors for the web pages they in which they will be used.
The lesser the size of css file the lesser the browsers need to have round trips to the server to
rendering webpage.
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