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Principles of Emotional Intelligence

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Task 1Scenario 1What do you think is the best way to respond to Jack’s behaviour?As jack in front of all subordinates misbehave with me so according to my point of view the best possible way to respond to jack behavior is to stay calm in meeting as at that point of time he is in anger and angriness the individual lose the presence of mind. At the end of meeting I met withhim privately and explain the consequences of this type of further behavior in future by examplesso that it will not be repeated again as this type of behavior will affect my dignity towards my colleagues. Secondly I will make the plan the strategy regarding revenues that was asked by him as the main focus is on the problem and not on Jack so that in future he will not insult me in frontof my colleagues.How would you serve as a role model and demonstrates positive leadership? A manager has to act as a role model for its employees as it foster positive working environment.But in our case Jack is creating stressful environment by unnecessary blaming colleagues and team mates. In this situation as an operation manager I will develop an attitude among employeesthat help in coping with stressful situations creating by Jack, by providing them support on the matters in which they are facing difficulties by being compassionate towards them. In addition tothat for enhancing the positivity in this situation as a responsible manager I will motivate the team by inspiring them on the works done by them by reviewing their performance (Leadership: 7 Ways to Become a Role Model Manager -,2018). In addition to that formal communication is also very essential for fostering positive environment so at time of need I will communicate them regarding the issues and problems so that two way communication will be inhibited and solutions for the problems will be resolved.Describe principles of emotional intelligenceThere are five principles of emotional intelligence as emotional intelligence is seen as the recognized element for personal and professional development. These principles are:Self-awarenessIt is the ability to recognize own emotions by being emotionally self-aware which allow to diffuse strong emotions and helps in maintaining thoughtfulness and balance (Broudy,2018).Self-controlIt means to manage the emotions with calmness and it can be done through communication or bydeep berthing for meeting the challenges.Adaptability
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It is the ability to be flexible by embracing creative thinking and this principle is seen as the crucial skill for managers (Adaptability can be the key to increased emotional intelligence,2018).EmpathyIt is seen as the ability to communicate and lead by understanding of thoughts, views and feelings as it leads to strong relationships by improving the quality of life.Social skillsIn emotional intelligence social skills refer to the skills that are needed to handle and influence other people emotions in effective way.If you would have been in Jack’s position, how you would have acted and communicated?If I will at Jacks position first of all, I will not yell on staff members in the meeting as it is seen as the unlike behavior of the manager. For gaining respect in the eyes of subordinates manager has to maintain dignity by acting in a responsible and polite manner so in that case I will discuss the problem areas with the sales team that why this downfall in sales is reported as they are the ones who know the exact reason (5 Valuable Tips to Lead Effective Sales Meetings,2018). Secondly as a manager I have to foster positivity in the organization and for that I will provide the opportunity to subordinates to provide the best possible solutions for increasing the sales which will inculcate responsibility in subordinates to do their best for the organization and later on the strategies proceed in the meeting will be taken to top management for further implementation (How to Deal With an Ill-Mannered Employee,2018.. What could have been the impact of Jack’s behavior on staff performance?The impact of Jack’s behavior is seen as the negative one as in case itself it is seen that depressedenvironment has been created an the good performing employees decided to leave the organization due to unnecessary pressure maintain by Jack on team. The remaining employees inthe team of Jack lose respect for Jack due to his irresponsible and unethical behavior as a manager and do not give them regards with which ultimately affect the leadership qualities of jack and performance of employees (How Poor Leadership Kills Your Team,2018). In addition to that this meeting is seen as the unproductive meeting as no solution has been provide by Jack which create distrust in team towards Jack which led to decrease in employee productivity. Communication barriers also exist between Jack and his subordinates as the behavior of Jack in meeting creates fear in employees.Scenario 2When working within a diverse workforce, give 2 examples of possible misinterpretation of colleague’s expression or behavior.
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