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COMM 377: Paper #2 – Intercultural InterviewThis assignment is worth up to 75 points.One of the best ways to learn about cultures (our own as well as others) is to engage with people from adifferent cultural background than your own. This paper helps you with that process. For thisassignment, you will interview someone (for roughly 10 – 15 minutes) who belongs to a cultural groupthat is different from your own. You may not interview another student from this class. You mustconduct the interview face to face. Interviews conducted via email are NOT acceptable.There is a list of possible interview questions at the end of this assignment. This list is provided as aresource to help you construct your own list of interview questions.You are not required to ask thesequestions.In fact, you will need to tailor the questions you ask based on the type of interculturalrelationship that exists between you and your interviewee and/or the type of cultural differences thatexist between you and your interviewee.This interview should have 3 objectives: 1) learn about your interviewee’s perspective of culture, 2)learn about a culture with which your interviewee identifies (How does s/he describe it? What beliefs,traditions, customs, values, etc. give the culture its unique identity?), and 3) learn your interviewee’sview of the role of communication in his/her culture. In all of the objectives, your interview should notehow the culture and the communicative practices in question are similar and/or different from your own.Make and keep a recording of the interview (with the permission of the interviewee, of course!), andtake notes during the interview so that you can remember insights that you might want to share in youressay.Write an 1800 – 2500 word essay in which you discuss the interview and analyze how your own culturalcommunication practices compare and/or contrast to those of your interviewee. Identify yourinterviewee and the cultural tradition(s) they identify that differs from your own. Explain how theydescribe and discuss their culture, what is important to that culture, what makes your intervieweeidentify with that culture, and how those things relate to your own cultural experiences and identity.You will turn in 3 things:1. Your list of interview questions2. Evidence of the interview (picture of yourself with the interviewee, screen shot of the skypeconversation, audio recording, scan of your interview notes, etc.)3. The essayThere is not need to do outside research for this assignment, but if you do make a claim that does notarise from the interview and is not public knowledge or clearly intuitive, cite a reputable source (norandom websites or weblogs, must have a clearly identifiable author). The same rules about academicdishonesty apply here that apply to all other written work. Your paper must be clear of any plagiarism oracademic dishonesty of any kind. If you are unclear about what constitutes academic dishonesty, see thelink to Towson’s Academic Integrity Policy included in the syllabus. In short, do your own work, andwhen you use other people’s ideas cite them. If you use other people’s words, quote them. Make sureyour paper is well organized. It should be clearly written, display correct spelling, grammar, and
punctuation. Proofread the final product before your turn the paper in.If I find an inordinate numberof errors, your grade will suffer.Your paper should be well organized, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Please usetransitions to guide the reader from one section of your paper to another. Your paper should displaycorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Please note that I reserve the right to deduct one point, up toa total of 10%, foreachtypographical, grammatical, or spelling error found in your paper. To ensure thebest grade possible, please proofread your paper carefully.Please use correct APA format. Your paper should be in 12 pt, Times New Roman font with 1 inchmargins. There is not a research requirement for this paper, but any research that is completed must beproperly cited. Similarly, if you make a claim that is not public knowledge or clearly intuitive, pleasecite a reputable source (no random websites or weblogs). Additionally, you MUST indicate when youare quoting your interviewee directly by placing that content inside quotation marks.Your grade will be based on 1) your selection and defense of an appropriate interviewee, 2) yourselection and application of interview questions 3) the quality and clarity of your analysis, and 4) thequality and clarity of your writing.You should also refer to your syllabus for what constitutes “A,” “B,”“C,” “D,” and “F” level work.Your paper is due by 11:59 on Friday, April 8th, 2016 via Blackboard.Papers turned in after this time withoutpriorarrangement with me WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
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