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Community Participation and Social Inclusion - Desklib

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Added on  2020-02-14

Community Participation and Social Inclusion - Desklib

   Added on 2020-02-14

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CHCDIS008: Facilitate community participation andsocial inclusion – AssessmentPage 1 of 9
Community Participation and Social Inclusion - Desklib_1
O b s e r v a t i o n A c t i v i t i e sCollect and collate information about community-based activities in your area that may be appropriate for the individuals you support. Local government websites are often useful. A Google search for community activities in your area will also help. Be sure to include the URL for any websites you visit and select as useful. Attach the information to your assessment booklet.Note:IF YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING A CLASSROOM SESSION FOR THIS UNIT, you will need to imagine three different scenarios and write a report that answers all the questions following. That is: write three different scenarios describing how you will support/have supported three people with a disability to participate in community activities according to a plan you have supported them to develop. Guiding questions are listed below.ORFOR THOSE STUDENTS ATTENDING CLASSROOM SESSIONS FOR THIS UNIT, you will need to work with people wishing to engage in community-based activities to develop community engagement plans and in collaboration with other students present three scenarios and discuss the process and outcomes of your planning processes. Guiding questions are listed below. If you are presenting in class you can use the spaces below to record your scenarios.To complete this task you need to:1.Assist at least three people with a disability to develop and implementcommunity engagement plans within their individualised plan. To do this you will need to demonstrate each of the following actions during your assessment:a.Provide a brief description of each person with a disability (remove names if required for privacy purposes)Individual 1:John has the vision disability. Because of such John is not able see. Page 2 of 9
Community Participation and Social Inclusion - Desklib_2
Individual 2:Sushi is another individual who possess the disability related with hearing. Due to such sushi is not able to hear or she is completely deaf.Individual 3:Matthew is person who possess learning disability. b.For each person you will need to:b.i.Identify their strengths, interests and abilitiesIndividual 1:The strength of John is that though he is not able to see but his senses relating with touch, smell are very strong. He possess interest in music. Further he possess the ability to read books by means of knowledge that is gained by him from school. Individual 2:The strength of Sushi is that though she is unable to hear but she is strong at reading the lips of the person speaking and catching it very quickly. She possess interest in travelling. Further she has the ability to dance without hearing to music. Individual 3:The strength of Matthew is that though he is suffering from Dyslexia but he has strength in terms of being good at singing. He possess interest in music. Further he possess the ability to work in an effective manner. b.ii.Identify the types of support they needIndividual 1:Proper equipments will be provided to support John.Individual 2:Equipments along with sign language instructor will be provided to support Sushi.Individual 3:Support that is organising of session to increase learning can be organised.b.iii.Use information about the community inclusion opportunities that are located in your area to support selection and decision makingIndividual 1:Session organised in community regarding safeguarding oneself when the person is having visiondisability. Thus awareness can be increased among John regarding the manner in which he can deal with any issues that can be physical. Individual 2:Sign language taught in community offers opportunity to Sushi in learning of communicating with people around. Individual 3:Session of games that includes memory games would offers opportunity to Matthew in increasinglearning. Page 3 of 9
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