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Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility

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Added on  2020-02-05

Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility_1
Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility_2
P1 Devise project aim and objectives
The term corporate social responsibility is also referred as corporate citizenship and it
also involves incurring short- term costs that do not provide immediate financial benefit to the
company (Brown, 2013). However, it plays crucial role promoting social and environmental
change. CSR policy functions as a self- regulatory mechanism in which a business monitors and
ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national and
international norms (Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim, 2014). From generalised views, corporate
social responsibility refers to development of several measures that are related to environmental
protection and social responsibilities. Henceforth, considering the same, the present research has
been made on Corinthia hotel which operates the business in London as a small scale hotel
entity. Considering the same, researcher has discussed importance of corporate social
responsibility and how it aids in meeting business aim and objectives.
The main aim of subsequent research work is to analyse the significance of corporate
social responsibility and how it aids business entities to attain competitive advantage and. In
order to specify the research work, researcher has been emphasizing on Corinthia hotel which
operates in London.
To identify the importance of corporate social responsibility
To ascertain the ways through which corporate social responsibility of the business can
be attained To analyse the role of corporate social responsibility on business services
Research question
Why corporate social responsibility is essential for business entities?
Which methods can be used to meet the corporate social responsibilities of business?
Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility_3
P2 Produce project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality and many
other thing for the chosen project
Task Name Duration Start Finish Predecessors
Defining research project 94 days Tues
Fri 7/6/17
Planning 24 days Mon
Selection of the research topic 10 days Mon
Fri 3/10/17
Identifying problem statement 6 days Wed
Sat 3/20/17 3
Identifying timings so as to
allocate the resources
8 days Tue 3/21/17 Thu 3/30/17 4
Implementation of the plan 61 days Fri 3/31/17 Fri 6/23/17
Completing the section of
literature review
16 days Fri 3/31/17 Fri 4/21/17 5
Selecting methods and techniques
under research methodology
18 days Sat 4/24/17 Mon
Calculating the costs 7 days Thu 5/18/17 Fri 5/26/17 8
Data analysis and interpretation 20 days Mon
Fri 6/23/17 9
Evaluating results and findings 11 days Mon
Project closer 18 days Tue
Thu 7/6/17
Specifying conclusion and
9 days Tue 6/13/17 Fri 6/23/17 11
Final documentation of results 7 days Tues
Mon 7/4/17 13
Submitting the final report 2 days Thu 7/5/17 Fri 7/6/17 14
According to the determined plan, researcher needs to carry out all these activities so that
the major requirements of the scheduled plan could be met. All the stages mentioned in the plan
will be performed according to the required tasks (Korschun, Bhattacharya and Swain, 2014).
The project manager has been preparing specific budget for the same so that accordingly
resources of the business could be utilized in proper manner. The entire plan will be
communicated to all the respective team members so that they can conduct all the activities in
effective manner. All the steps mentioned in the plan will be suitably monitored so that areas of
development can be identified (Vaioleti, 2016).
Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility_4
Scope: The scope of this research project remains in the quality of information which is
gained. The growing demand of companies to reach sustainability has caused certain changes in
strategies and functioning. Work based orientation is achieved when good quality services are
provided to the customers. This depicts scope of this research project.
Time: Overall time taken for completing and executing this research has to be determined
through the Gantt Chart. When specific time limit is provided then there is less chance of not
achieving set objectives and goals.
Cost: Certain type of investments are required for meeting cost requirements. This
investment can be through personal savings and well planned expenditures.
Quality: The information produced in this research has to have high quality and this is
ensured through use of authentic sources. Furthermore, quality of the research is maintained
through effective time management.
Communication: The team that is conducting the research is quite important when
considering accomplishing of aim and objectives. It is important to set a proper medium through
which effective communication can be developed. Mails, newsletters, group discussions and
meetings help in achieving this aspect.
Risk: The dangers or threats which retain the research from proper completion are known
as risks. The major risk associated with this project is loss of information to an external source.
Furthermore, lack of proper skills and knowledge is another threat which exists currently.
Resources: Certain elements are required for fulfilling respective needs of the research.
These are known as resources. The resources required for this research include employees,
money, resources for information and competent subjects.
Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility_5
P3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart
As per the objectives which have been defined for this research project, the above time
line is produced. The Gantt Chart helps in gaining insight regarding the day when specific
activities have to be performed.
P4 Carry out research by applying quantitative and qualitative methods which are appropriate in
meeting project aim and objectives
Qualitative analysis is the scientific study of data that can be observed, but cannot be
measured (Leary, 2016). It is also concerned with cataloguing the quality of research what is
studied. However, Qualitative analysis requires proper analysis of the situation in which details
about each and every aspect of the subject matter is analysed on the basis of theoretical aspects.
In this context, survey has been carried out so that researcher can analyse how well Corinthia
hotel is meeting all its corporate roles and responsibilities (Tai and Chuang, 2014). Thus, in the
Corinthia Hotel Research-Significance Corporate Social Responsibility_6

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