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Course Description(Higher Education)School:Federation Business SchoolCourse Title:Applied Workplace PracticeCourse Code:BSMAN 3193Teaching Location:Mt Helen & PartnersCredit Points:15Semester, Year:Semester 2, 2016 Prerequisite(s):BSMAN 3005 Project ManagementA minimum of four courses must be completed prior to enrolling in this course.Corequisite(s):This course may be undertaken at the same time as three other final semester courses. This course must be undertaken in the final semester of study..Exclusion(s):Nil ASCED Code:080301 Program Level: .Level ofcourse inProgramAQF Level(s) of Program5678910IntroductoryIntermediateAdvancedXCRICOS Provider No. 00103DPage 1 of 16This course description complies with the course outline authorised by Curriculum Committee 10/14 (03/10/14)

Course Description (Higher Education)BSMAN 3193 Applied Workplace PracticeOrganisation: StaffLecturer DetailsTutor Details(if relevant)NamePartners to insert relevant detailsEmail ContactOffice Location & CampusPhone ContactConsultation HoursPrescribed TextThere is no prescribed text for this course. Student ResponsibilityIt is the responsibility of every student to be aware of the requirements for this course, and understand the specific details included in this document.For full details of programs and school procedures, please refer to the Federation Business School Programs Handbook available at http://federation.edu.au/faculties-and-schools/federation-business-school/student-resources/continuing-students/timetablesStudents should be aware of the content of the handbook, particularly:Special Consideration process and formsAssignment CoversheetSubmission of tasks and assignmentsGrading codesAppeal processUnsatisfactory progress - Early InterventionIt is emphasised that this course requires a significant commitment outside of formal class contact. The learning tasks in this course may include classes (lectures, tutorials or seminars), required reading, the preparation of answers to set questions, exercises and problems, and self-study. In addition, students may be required to complete an assignment, test or examination. Attendance and ParticipationIt is in students’ interest to make every effort to attend the workshops for this course and to complete all preparatory and assessment tasks. It is our experience that those students who do not attend the workshops or carry out the associated activities are more likely to do poorly or to fail the course completely.Late SubmissionAssessment tasks submitted after the due date, without prior approval/arrangement, will be penalised at 10% of the available marks per day. Requests for extension of time must be made with the lecturer concerned and based on Special Consideration guidelines http://policy.federation.edu.au/student_services_and_administration/enrolment/special_consideration/ch01.phpCRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 2 of 16

Course Description (Higher Education)BSMAN 3193 Applied Workplace PracticeModeration of ResultsModeration refers to the practice of quality assurance of assessable tasks and marking carried out at any of the School’s Partner Providers’ locations. Moderationaddresses the interests of students, staff, the School’s partners and external stakeholders. Moderation seeks to ensure that:Good practice in assessment is being applied consistently across the institution and its programs;Student performance is being properly, fairly and consistently judged for all students undertaking the same course of study; andStandards expected of, and achieved by, students are appropriate, reliable and comparable to good practice at the University and nationally.Standardisation of assessment may result in a student’s mark being amended. This is your guarantee that your results are comparable to Federation University results in all locations.Course EvaluationWe welcome feedback as one way to keep improving this course. Students are encouraged to provide course feedback through eVALUate, the University’s online student feedback system. eVALUate will be available to students during Weeks 10 and 11 by the Student Survey dashboard system using FedUni student user namesand passwords.MoodleMoodle is used to host course resources for all courses. https://moodle.federation.edu.au/login/index.phpGenerally, assessments are submitted online through Moodle. Should you need assistance, please use the available resources and support through the drop-down menus in Moodle.Plagiarism:Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one's own without properly acknowledging that person.Students must not allow other students to copy their work and must take care to safeguard against thishappening. In cases of copying, normally all students involved will be penalised equally; an exception will be ifthe student can demonstrate the work is their own and they took reasonable care to safeguard againstcopying.Plagiarism is a serious offence. Please refer to the following documents:Statute 6.1: Student DisciplineRegulation 6.1: Student DisciplineRegulation 6.1.1: PlagiarismAdopted Reference Style:APAThe link to the library website for more information is: FedUni Library - Referencing CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 3 of 16

Course Description (Higher Education)BSMAN 3193 Applied Workplace PracticeLearning Outcomes:Knowledge K1Recognisetheinterdependenciesofother managementdisciplinessuchasHRM, Finance, Marketing,EntrepreneurshipandInternationalbusinesswithprojectmanagementwithin aworkenvironment;K2Identifytheethicalandsocialresponsibilityrolesofaprojectmanagerinthe work environment;K3Appreciatetheprocess ofapplyingprojectmanagementprinciples,strategiesandprocessesinanorganisationalsetting.Skills S1Applymanagementtheoriesandprojectmanagementskillsautonomouslyto a business/organisationalsettingtoresolve a managementissueor opportunity;S2Useappropriatetechnologytoresearch,collectdataandpresentprojectmanagementstrategieswithina business/organisationalenvironment;S3Communicateandnegotiatewith arangeofstakeholdersduring thelife of the project.S4Reviewandreflectonthelearningexperiencewithreferencetoprojectmanagement,organisationalchange,andmanagementskills,andpresentprojectfindingstoanexternalaudienceandcommunicateprojectfindings within theworkplace;Application of knowledge and skills A1Useinitiativeandjudgementinimplementingprojectmanagementprocesseswithinanappliedworkplaceenvironment.A2Adaptprojectmanagementknowledgeand skillsto suittheorganisationalneedsandshowwelldevelopedjudgementinmanaging therequiredprocesses.A3Present theprojectplanning,projectprogressandthefinaloutcomesofacompetedproject, to anexternalaudiencein theformofaformalreportandoralpresentationwithconfidenceandautonomy usingprofessionaljudgement.Course Content:BSMAN 3193 is the capstone course in the Bachelor of Applied Management. It is a practical course with thesole focus of identifying, planning, implementing, managing, and reporting on a project in your workplace. You arerequired toundertake awork-basedproject to addressanidentifiedmanagementissueor opportunity.You willworkindividuallyunder the supervisionofanacademicsupervisorand aworkplacementor with whom you willhaveregular contactduring thelife of your project.Your project should address an issue or opportunity that you, or your manager, recognise as being importantto your organisation, and for which your manager is willing to give you the responsibility of taking on the role ofproject manager. Where it is not possible for you to engage in a workplace project within your ownorganisation, you should seek to identify an alternative. It may be possible for you to offer your services toanother business organisation or a community organisation. CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 4 of 16

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