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Coursework DescriptionThe aim of this document is to introduce the application you will develop for this module, and to specify what needs to be done in the first coursework.IntroductionFor this coursework, you are asked to develop a website similar to www. reddit.com. Reddit is a news aggregator – that is, you can submit links to webpages together with ashort description, and the community of users (yourself and other users) can post comments on the links, as well as upvote or downvote them. In preparation for thiscoursework, you are advised to visit Reddit and browse through the site, making a note of its features.You are not asked to develop a fully-fledged version of Reddit. Instead, your version should have the following minimum set of features:1.A page showing a single list of links submitted by users 2.A page where all comments about a link can be seen (as a single list) and new comments submitted 3.A means of upvoting or downvoting links Logins and registrations are not required for this coursework – hence when links and comments are submitted, the application should also ask for the user’s name.Extra marks are available if the following features are added:1.Pagination of links – i.e, links are not shown all on one page, but might be shown 20 links at a time (clicking on ‘Next Page’ then shows the next 20 links) 2.Sorting of links – by votes or date submitted 3.Threading of comments (as done on reddit) JQuery and Ajax are not required. For this coursework I need to use codeigniter (ver 3).
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