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Creativity and Business Wealth- Doc

Added on - 24 Feb 2020

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Running head:CREATIVITY AND BUSINESS WEALTHCreativity and Business WealthName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2CREATIVITY AND BUSINESS WEALTHDiscussion of the Push and Pull companiesPush and Pull strategies are the process through which the business organization canattract the customers towards their business. However, the pull strategy refers to some innovativeideas that easily attract the people to the business. On the other hand, push strategy leads thepeople to other organization for a better opportunity (Madanogluet al.2017). According to thecase study of Aravind eye clinic, their main innovation challenge was to provide high-qualitycare to the patients with low price as maximum people of the India belong from the ruralenvironment and have no capability to spend more money in their treatment. Dr. V focuses onthe high quality, reproducible and systematically at low cost. They follow the innovative idea ofMcDonald's as, which offers the high volume of products or meals at low cost.The base of the Aravind clinic is to use standardization and engineering cataract surgeryin order to achieve the high volume of production. Providing high-quality service with low costis one of the most important pull strategies of the business organization to increase the number ofcustomers and the production (Hsu, Cheng and Lin 2017). Aravind eye clinic develops adedicates strategy of lenses, ophthalmic research center, the training center for improving theskills of the staffs, which makes the organization became a popular eye clinic in the world. Pushand pull strategies are applied in every business in order to attract the customers to the product(Bianchi 2017). As for example, in the case ofApple, they push the products to the customersduring its placement. However, the stores that sell the Apple products work in a group and selectthe premium place for the placement of the products. This push strategy enables suchorganization to work continuously during the promotion of their products as the placement of theproduct in the premium location attracts the concentration of the customer easily (Reddy 2016).On the other hand, the pull strategy of Apple leads them to pull their products through the
3CREATIVITY AND BUSINESS WEALTHdistribution channel. However, the advertisement process of Apple focuses on the productfeature of such company rather than comparing its product with other companies. Therefore,Apple conducts key events for once and twice in a year to launch their new products. Suchstrategy of Apple is considered as the pull strategy that attracts their customers to theirinnovation.Identification of the customer needs is a big strategy for the business industry to increasethe customer loyalty and the number of customers (Baumerset al.2016). As for example,Microsoftis situated in the USA and operates in many countries. However, their marketing aimis to understand the current demand of the customers. Hence, this factor pushes them to carry outan advance market research in every country to understand the current needs of the people.However, based on the market data they innovate new design in their products that areconsidered a pull factor, which gains the attention of the customers in various countries.Consumer behavior is a big strategy that leads an organization to change their strategywhile innovating new product or service within the market (Yunet al.2016). As for example,Zarais a well-known fashion retailer of Australia that has started their business in the UK.However, changing the behavior of the consumers is main push strategy that allows Zara toincorporate new features in their products to gain customer attention. On the other hand,globalization and cultural affinity lead Zara to obtain the attention of the consumers by theirinnovation as offering cultural goods is the big approach of such organization to enhance thenumber of customers in belonging from various cultures.Tescois a well-known retailer of UK that follows push and pulls strategy tocommunicate with their customers. Digital technology is push method that leads the organization
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