Concept of Crisis and Communication

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Crisis CommunicationIntroductionIn order to understand the concept of crisis communication, it is important to understand theconcept of crisis and communication separately. The crisis is an event or sequence of unwantedevents which take place at the workplace. It creates disturbance as well as unrest among theindividuals. Generally, a crisis arises all of sudden or on short notice and it triggers a sense offear as well as a threat among the individuals. The crisis causes severe harm to the individuals aswell as organization. It leads to uncertainties and hence it is very tough for the organization toovercome the crisis on an immediate basis. There are several incidents of crisis within anorganization which have significantly affected the functioning of the organization. Crisissignificantly affects the performance and productivity of the organization along with the level ofmotivation and morale of the employees. Hence, it is very important to take an effective step inadvance so that possible and potential crisis can be mitigated. It is important for the managementof the organization to develop strategies in order to deal with every possible crisis within theorganization. It is also necessary that the employees of the organization should be capable ofsensing the early sign of crisis within the organization as well as warn the employees of theorganization about the negative impact of the same. Therefore, there should be guideline withinthe organization in order to guide the employees of the organization in order to prevent a crisisfrom occurring. As it has been discussed that crisis severely affects the smooth functioning of theorganization but it does not only affect the functioning of the organization. It also affects thebrand name of the organization significantly. Therefore, the organization should be proactiveregarding the crisis.
The concept of crisis communicationThe term crisis communication can be defined as a special wing which helps in dealing with thereputation of the organization as well as the employees. It is an initiative which helps inprotecting as well as maintaining the reputation of the organization. It is also used to maintain aswell as improve the public image of the organization. There are several factors whichsignificantly affect the image as well as the reputation of the organization such as investigationsby the government, criminal attacks, and media enquiry. Thus, crisis communication helps inclarifying the things to the public and hence enhances the reputation of the organization in theeyes of the people. Considering the impact and consequences of the crisis on the organization,the organization employs experts to deal with the crisis. The experts are employed by theorganization to save the reputation of the organization against several unwanted challenges aswell as threats. One of the most important assets of the organization is the brand identity. Thus,the main purpose of the experts employed by the organization is to brand identity of theorganization as well as maintain the firm standing of the organization within the industry. Theywork hard in order to overcome tough situations. They help the organization to come out of thetough and difficult situations in the quickest as well as the best possible way. They respond to thecrisis with the help of strategic strategy and try to mitigate the crisis or reduce the impact of thecrisis on the organization, employees, and brand identity of the organization.Process of dealing with the crisisDealing with the crisis is very important for the organization because crisis severely affects theoverall performance of the organization including the performance as well as productivity of the
employees, reputation of the brand and the whole organization. In order to deal with the crisis,the experts follow a set of process which has been discussed below;The employees of the organization should not ignore the external parties. They should comeout and meet the important clients as well as discuss the problem with them. They should notbe ashamed of anything. At the time of need, the employees of the organization should seekthe help of external parties as well as important clients. They also should not ignore themedia person. Their questions should be answered. If media persons are being ignored, it canmake the situation even worse.Individuals should not be criticized. A feeling of care, as well as concern, should be showntowards them. Their feelings should be shared. They should be encouraged throughout thetough situation so that they cannot lose hope. The individuals should be encouraged as wellas motivated so that they can deliver their level best. The blame game should not be playedwithin the workplace particularly at the time of crisis.Throughout the organization, effective communication should be encouraged throughout theorganization during a tough situation. Every employee of the organization should have accessto the cabin of superior in order to discuss critical situations and reach a mutually acceptablesolution.The experts of crisis communication should learn to make quick decisions. During unstablesituations, it is necessary to respond quickly as well as effectively.Apart from this, the information should be kept confidential. The management of theorganization should take serious action against the employees who share information anddata with external parties.
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