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Dear Expert, This is the whole report. You need this to start your work (Project 3) the instruction has sent to you earlier.Date: 12 September 2016Project ProposalProject OverviewThe present case in this project concerns the organizing of three day conferenceby the ABC event management agency in collaboration with the International Council ofManagement Research for the University of Arizona. The conference will be targetinginternational as well as national individuals who have a scholarly interest in theconference theme. For the international participants it is desired that they must bepassport holders so that there are no problems in organizing the visa. The entire detailsregarding the conference will be shared with the prospective participants with the helpof a temporary conference website which will be specifically designed for furnishing thedetailed information to the participants. The participants will be able to gain the detailsregarding the conference, the program schedule, registration procedure and fees aswell as the procedures to reach the conference venue, the alternatives for lodgingetcetera along with the facility to download required forms via this website portal. Thewebsite will also enable the participants to communicate their concerns by contactingthe Advisory Committee; the international participants will also have the facility tocontact the representatives from the U.S. Embassy via this website portal. The portalwill also have a section that can deliver the requisite information as per the uniquequeries of the respective participants. The conference would be sponsored jointly by theInternational Council of Management Research and the University’s ComputingResearch Centre. The project planning requires the need for outlining various types ofactions; in words of Kerzner (2013) a general project plan establishes the “scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risks, procurement and closeoutof the proposed event” where as another set of authors Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin,(2006) identify project plan with “the work authorization plan, work package plan, costplanning and schedule planning and so on to control the project progress.”Project objectives In this case the project objective is to organize a three day conference for theresearchers, academicians and industry practitioners who are engaged in big datamanagement and the related areas. The initial planning for the conference requires theorganizers or the project team to discern and define the theme of the event preciselyfirst and thereafter explicitly in terms of the various sub-themes that can be entwined
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together with the main theme. There after a specific date has to be chosen keeping inmind the convenience of the participants, the feasibility of the organizers as well as theevent theme and agreed upon by the project management team. The project charter forthe proposed project of organizing the three-day conference is an important documentthat yields the description regarding its precise purpose, project-objectives, the successcriteria as well as the specific project requirements and it is drafted at its initiatingplanning. The success criterion of this project is determined by the participation rate inthe conference which is evaluated across local, national and international participants.Then the second aspect that will help in evaluating the success of the conference wouldbe the total number of papers presented which are bifurcated further across the differentthemes of presentation.Project Scope & DeliverablesThe next document that is pertinent for the planning for the project process is theproject scope statement that presents the comprehensive summary of the results theproject will produce along with describing the necessary assumptions and inherentconstraints. It is used as a written confirmation of the results the project is designed toyield. The project scope in this case comprises of the various interactions and activitiesthat are undertaken to accomplish a successful conference. In order to document theproject scope statement a successful kick-off meeting would be conducted with thevarious stakeholders involved in the process who actively brainstorm together todiscuss the various aspects of the project and arrive at the most feasible, economic andefficient way to carry out the project (Burke, 2013). Here the recruitment andorganization of the different work groups takes place and the supporting conferencestaff/assistants are identified within the organization. The financial planning for the conference initiates with the determination of thebudget as well as listing the different kinds of possible expenditure along with theidentification of the funding/ income sources.Proposal ComponentsOn the basis of the project scope statement, the primary Quality Assuranceprocess deliverables for the project of organizing the three-day conference are identifiedas:(1) ensuring the presence of globally acclaimed guest speakers (2) ensuring the participation of international guests (3) the presentation of at least 25papers in each of the theme pertaining to the subject (4) the publication of theconference proceedings with the best 30 papers presented during the conference aswell as directing their publication to good quality journals. The list of these deliverablesserves as a guide map that directs the further course of the project. The projectmanager reviews and approves the framework for quality management; oversees theadherence to activities that ensure project quality along with ensuring completion ofproject within the stipulated timeframe. Thus it is seen that the Project Scope for theabove mentioned project encompasses the participation of the local, national and1
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international researchers, academicians, scholars and industry practitioners as well aspresentation and publication of the papers which are the end-outcomes the project willproduce along with the constraints on the budget and resources along with theassumption that the topic chosen for the conference. The important stakeholders in the project as well as the project team ought to bein agreement with the different terms specified in the scope statement as this will ensurethat there is little conflict while executing the project. Such an arrangement will ensurethe project success even before the actual beginning of the project work. However thescope statement of the project needs to be supported with a proper justification; it alsoneeds to imbibe the traits products or services traits as well as the inherentcharacteristics of the results to be produced. Then the acceptance criteria should clearlyoutline the necessary criterion for the project deliverables; objectives, the restrictions,the inherent project assumptions as well as the excluding criterion. The anticipatedmodifications that can be introduced during the process are also integral constituents inthe Scope Statement. Thus it can be seen that this statement enable the stakeholders to procure an understanding of the work deliverables andascertain if there is an alignment between the product acceptance criterion and therelevant outcomes. The groups required for the project management process aredistributed across the activities of (i) initiating the project (ii) project-planning (iii) project-execution (iv) supervision and (v) project-closure.Project team roles and responsibilities In order to organize a successful conference the project team will be bifurcated acrossthe organizing committee, the hospitality committee, the project team leader who will be calledthe convener of the project of organizing this conference. Then with respect to the scheduling ofthe conference as per the different themes the availability of the concerned chairpersons andthe coordinators will be made. The primary assumptions with respect to the prior consent fromthe resource persons; speakers are identified on the basis of the brainstorming discussions inthe first week even before the kick off meeting. Then the tentative guidelines regarding the costsand the resources are located as well. Once the project constraints are identified then a kick offmeeting will take place where in the commonly agreed upon primary assumptions with respectto costs, resources as well as the schedule are discussed and thereafter the project relatedresponsibilities are distributed across the different team members. Here the specific role andresponsibility of the individual is fixed as a part of the bigger group and the individualexpectations are explained to each team member. For example, the hospitality committee isentrusted with the charge of arranging the food and lodging of the resource persons,participants as well as the event organizers. With respect to the detailed planning the deadlines for receiving the abstracts, theearly bird offers on the participation charges for different categories such as students, researchscholars, academicians/faculty as well as industry practitioners are fixed. The creation of theseproject milestones help in organizing the tasks. The list of accommodation outlets that can beorganized is made along with enlisting the tariffs. These activities are performed beforelaunching the brochure of the conference, as these details need to be incorporated there in. Thekick off meeting of the project helped in identifying the time frame for each of these activities as2
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well the activities that are expected to follow such as the selection of the abstracts for theconference and sending the necessary communication to the authors; receiving the fee forparticipation and confirming their presentation in the final schedule.The in accordance to the identified activities the work break down structure of theconference along with the specified time frame is chalked out. The meeting was alsoinstrumental in exploring and evaluating the various possible alternatives and further the lists ofpotential consequences of the identified outcomes are also ascertained. It was also seen thatwhat the prospective likelihood of these circumstances is. With the mutual discussion it wasresolved that the determination of the optimum alternatives will be made with the help of thequantitative approaches like decision tree analysis. It is expected that the quantitativeapproaches coupled with the qualitative insights yield better decisions especially when thedecisional alternatives are to be located in the case of uncertainty regarding states of nature.Then during the planning phase itself a discussion was also made regarding the assessment tobe undertaken with respect to the project related criteria and in this context, it was located that the visual strategy such as the network diagram can be useful inlocating the minimum project duration. Here the different activities required for theaccomplishment of the project are identified and with the help of the mutual discussions it wasseen that what the order of precedence and succession among these activities is so as to beable to understand their interdependence. Also the group also discussed that what theestimated time of these activities are and whether these activity durations can be regarded asthe deterministic or they are probabilistic. Once this is done the activities and their durations arerecorded and from this a representative network of the project was created which was later usedto arrive at the minimum duration of the project. The entire meeting was conducted to facilitatethe coordination among the project team members and locate the appropriate ways tocommunicate regarding the project. The due dates for the postings and the intermittent eventsare identified and the individuals responsible for these events were fixed during the meeting.Risk ManagementThe above mentioned list proposed for the initial planning of the project is by nomeans exhaustive as it is intended only to cover the situations which have beenanticipated in advance. However, it is to be seen that there can be unpleasanthappenings with the people, resources or otherwise that cannot be ascertained inadvance and the planning and thinking process requires to cater to these erraticchanges or the operational, socio cultural and other risks too as and when required.This is a pertinent step while planning the project. Date Created: 13 September 2016INITIAL PROJECT PLANExecutive SummaryThe present document exhibits the initial project plan for organizing the conference interms of the activities it comprises, the estimate of the project budget along with the breakdownof costs. It identifies the areas of risk and outlines the contingency plans too. The variousprocedures for communication are emphasized and the WBS is presented. The scheduling time3
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and costs estimates are also identified along with a discussion on the management of criticalpath. The quality parameters for the project are identified with respect to the productivity,operational excellence and customer satisfaction. The communication needs of the organizationwill be best served with the software Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM)Solution which furnishes an end-to-end support for the project; its four-fold solution advantagescan be comprehensively compressed as improvement in visibility, optimization of the value,improving the effectiveness of the project as well as in accentuating the efficiency of the projectoperations. The document presents the resource requirements, the anticipated projectmilestones and their projected process durations along with furnishing the gravest risks willbecome a priority to observe and resolve. Accident or individual risks need to be accepted whileoperations risk needs to be mitigated by substantive savings. Initial Project PlanProject OverviewThe present case in this project concerns the organizing of three daysconference by the ABC event management agency in collaboration with theInternational Council of Management Research for the University of Arizona. Theconference will be targeting international as well as national individuals who have ascholarly interest in the conference theme. For the international participants it is desiredthat they must be passport holders so that there are no problems in organizing the visa.The entire details regarding the conference will be shared with the prospectiveparticipants with the help of a temporary conference website which will be specificallydesigned for furnishing the detailed information to the participants. The participants willbe able to gain the details regarding the conference, the program schedule, registrationprocedure and fees as well as the procedures to reach the conference venue, thealternatives for lodging etcetera along with the facility to download required forms viathis website portal. The website will also enable the participants to communicate theirconcerns by contacting the Advisory Committee; the international participants will alsohave the facility to contact the representatives from the U.S. Embassy via this websiteportal. The portal will also have a section that can deliver the requisite information asper the unique queries of the respective participants. The conference would besponsored jointly by the International Council of Management Research and theUniversity’s Computing Research Centre. The project planning requires the need foroutlining various types of actions; in words of Kerzner (2013) a general project planestablishes the “scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risks,procurement and closeout of the proposed event” where as another set of authorsDinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, (2006) identify project plan with “the work authorizationplan, work package plan, cost planning and schedule planning and so on to control theproject progress.”1.The exercises of team building that can be useful while organizing the kick-off meetingfor enhancing its effectiveness are discussed as follows:a.The participants or the stakeholders are first requested to express their expectations fromthe project in an explicit manner and hence it is required that they are given an informal4
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environment that encourages them to identify the ingredients that make the projectsuccessful. b.With the suggestions procured from the participants all the resources pertinent for thesuccess of the project are identified and organized in accordance to the way they arerequired in the different project activities.c.The scheduling of the project is decided by asking the participants to determine the linkingthat exists between the various project tasks; it helps in tracing the predecessors andsuccessors and organizes the entire project in a structured manner.d.The technique of brainstorming can be instrumental in deciphering new project ideas andfor outlining the milestones for the project.Project ObjectivesThe SMART objectives for the project are summarized as under:1.Outlining the target population for the project (type of discipline and themes to be covered)2.Outlining the programs to be provided to the targeted members (facilities)3.Outlining the capital and infrastructural requirements (space, building, equipments)4.Outlining the staffing requirements (suppliers for material, the regular staff etc.)5.Outlining the insurance, safety policies (under the law of the land)6.Outlining the budget for different requirements 7.Arranging the money to fund expenditures on capital requirement as well as to bear therunning costs8.Implementing the project planProject OutcomesThe entire chain of sequence that commences with the project initiation process followed byits development as well as its implementation is a gigantic endeavor as there are number ofvariables involved. The team in-charge needs to organize the human resources, resources,scheduling issues, clients’ requirements etcetera within the allocated budget. Then in addition tothese the exposure of the projects to the unpredictability in the contextual environment furtherintensifies the task complexity and project handling. The success of a project might beascertained provided that it is able to achieve either or the entire success criterion such as (i) ability to furnish the requisitequality, (ii) all laid down project objectives, (iii) compliance with the needs of the client, (iv) timelycompletion of the project and the entwined activities as per the stipulated schedule and (iv)attainment of the goals within the allocated budget.The attainment of the project success is highly dependent on the organizational leadershipwhich is an instrumental factor in ascertaining how the project is conceived, planned, organizedas well motivating, supervising and controlling the human resources so that the project goalsare accomplished successfully. It is precisely the organization and coordinated approach thatdecides the success of any project; thus it is critical how the different activities are aligned withthe organizational requirements and its resources (Cleland & King, 1988).The intricacy in designing and managing the projects makes it mandatory for the projectmanager to ensure a perfect balancing the various constraints and resources. Thedocumentation of the project requires laying down a Project Charter which is a crucial project5
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