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Running head: REVISION PROCEDUREREVISION PROCEDUREName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1REVISION PROCEDURE1. What did you do in your revision that made your thesis stronger?The improvements in the introduction, as suggested by Shawn, are being made in orderto make the thesis statement more clear. Moreover, a paragraph summarizing the contents andthe purpose of the discussion is being provided in order to assist the readers for facilitation of thebetter understanding of the context that is being discussed. The proper discussion of the contextis necessary for introducing the reader to to the context, which makes the concept clear in themind of the reader. Therefore, I have included a paragraph summarizing the discussion and themajor purpose of the analysis. The major changes that are being identified are based on thecritical evaluation of the essays that are missing in my discussion. The understanding of theessays that are being evaluated by me is basically the summary of the contents of the essays.However, the paragraph should have included a critical evaluation of the essays, which will behelping the readers in understanding the points of distinction and the similarities between theworks. Therefore, I included a separate paragraph outlining the different aspects of thesimilarities and the distinction that can be found in the essays. It will be helping me to bind theessay in a strong foundation. On the other hand, Jennifer believes that the discussion of theessays could have been enhanced with the proper inclusion of examples. Examples help readersto get a grab over the topic and the concept, which helps in making the discussion moreeffective.
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