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Eagle Soars, Inc. is a software development firm.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Eagle Soars, Inc. is a software development firm. They develop specialized mobile software for variousindustrial solutions. Their website manages software distribution to their clients/end-users. Each softwaredevelopment effort is managed as separate project. Each project is defined with a unique 8-letter projectid, can be assigned one or more categories (the categories are Manufacturing, Hospitality,Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Retail, Construction, etc.) and has a description. Some projects may dependon other projects and we keep track of the dependency. Each project is developed and owned by adeveloper and uploaded to the website in one or more transactions. The end-users are identified byname, phone number, email, a unique user id and password. They can be either free guest user or a paidsubscription user. They track the subscribers’ date of the subscription. Subscribed users have access tofile bug reports or upload software projects or update patches. Every bug identified has an id (a positiveinteger) and a description (text of at most 256 characters). The bug id’s must be unique for all bugsconcerning the same project. The date of filing of a bug report is recorded. Each bug report deals with asingle project and can report a single bug. Each bug report is made by a single subscriber. A subscribeduser can download any project, the number of downloads per user per project is recorded. Some of thesubscribers could also be developers. They develop the software projects and also software updates fortheir own projects. Each update or release of a project has an revision id, a name, a status, a description,and is assigned a particular type (the type are 1, 2 and 3). Each update for a project is created by a singledeveloper, the one who originally created the project. Each update patch is uploaded to the website in atransaction. Each transaction has an id and a date when it took place. The transaction id’s must beunique for all transactions concerning the same project. Requirements: For the above use case, identifyentities (tables) and its attributes (columns) for creating the database and prepare SQL statements tocreate tables with referential integrity(FOREIGN KEY) in Microsoft Access Database. Create a MicrosoftAccess database and execute each SQL statement to create the tables and indices. Insert at least 10records of sample data in each table.
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