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Early Years Learning Framework

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Added on  2022-08-18

Early Years Learning Framework

   Added on 2022-08-18

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Early Years Learning Framework_1
Elyf Learning Outcome
The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) are goals that are achieved by a child
during their process of learning. The outcome is of various kinds. One of the outcomes of
EYLF is that children are able to get a strong sense of identity. Children feel safe as well as
secure. They are able to develop their new found autonomy, resilience, agency as well as
inter-dependence (Keegan 2016). Furthermore they are also able to develop knowledge and
self-identity. They can also interact with others with care and respect.
Developing Babies and Toddlers
The educators could promote learning among babies as well as toddlers through direct
interaction with them during their daily routine. They can even organize learning
environment in different ways that will promote group interactions as well as play
experiences, empathy, respect as well as model care. By doing this the educators can fulfill
the above learning outcome that gives a child their sense of identity as well as confidence
(Grieshaber and Graham 2017). Thus, the child also feels safe as well as secure and are able
to respond to others and nurture relationships. Further they also develop their autonomy by
the learning processes and programs.
Element of NQS
National Quality Standard or NQS aims at supporting and promoting the safety and
wellbeing of children through educational programs that are beneficial for children. One of
the element of NQS is a learning framework that has been approved through decision-making
that helps in contributing to the development as well as learning of the child regarding their
identity, wellbeing, connection as well as confidence (Clarke 2017). These aspects can be
achieved through learning as well as effective communicators.
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