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CONTEMPORARY TRAVEL AND TOURISM1) Inter-relationship between different elements of Travel and tourism2) Key roles of different elements3) Developments in travel and tourism industry4) Various key elements in travel and tourism industry and their role in creating an experience for tourismIf there is a weakness in quality of food and beverages it will affect the tourist experience, if a tourist faces a transportation problem in reaching his/her destinations it will effect on the tourist experience. If there is a weakness in customer’s service it will dissatisfy a tourist and will have bad experience.CONTEMPORARY TRAVEL AND TOURISM1) Inter-relationship between different elements of Travel and tourismThere are various elements in travel and tourism industry like customer service, accommodations, transportation services food and beverages etc. and there is an inter-relationship between these elements not a single component of this industry can operate without other elements like there is interrelationship between tourists operators and travel agents provide customers to the hotels and resorts, for providing food and beverages to the customers a hotels have to deal with the retailers, a relationship between tourism service and transportation service as there is increase in tourism service it will increase the transportation service and vice versa, relationship between hotels provide packages to tour operators and tour operators gives to travel agencies and they bring customers to hotel.
2) Key roles of different elementsTourist operatorCustomer ServiceAccommodationsAccessibilityIts role is to set a linkbetween hotels and travelagents in providing thecustomers to bothIts role is to provide serviceto the customers bysatisfying the needs of thetourists.It is the place wherecustomers get food andshelter and there aredifferent types ofaccommodations.There should beproper accessibilityavailable to tourists,a continuoustransportationfacilities should beprovidetocustomers, that toocomfortably andwith security.These elements like tourist operators have interact with hotels for the accommodations and also for the travelagents in order to provide transportation services to tourists.Key roles of different elementsCONTEMPORARY TRAVEL AND TOURISMKey roles of differentelementsCustomer ServiceTourist operatorAccommodations
3) Developments in travel and tourism industryHistorically travelling was only reserved for the royal people and for upper classes as it had beenexpensive and with the limited transportation available. But nowadays due to technologicaldevelopments and improvements in transportation facilities have led to the global tourism. Now ithas become a part of life style. At present this industry represents an global economic growth, thisindustry have made a huge developments like providing a good package tours which are affordable,development in technology to attract tourists like booking of cabs and hotels and resorts online,change in the legislations of different countries regarding T&T as it took place in UK, upgrade inthe hotel and travel services all across the world, increase in providing quality food due to changein life styles of the consumers. There has been up gradation and tourists destinations and alsodevelopments of new tourist’s destinations. An introduction to customers reviews which have agreat impact on the industry as now tourists check the review before choosing any destinations.PeriodWhy peopletravel andpurposeTravel agent usual distanceof travelAny destination1700thBusinessreligion survivalexplore newcountriesNoThey travelled todomestic more inter-nation by sea1800thTourism becomebusiness beingCox and Kingsthe 1st knowntravel agency Yes Cox & KingsThey become BritishRoyal Armed Forces1900thThen afteropening up ofThomas Cooktourism becomefor leisure travelagencyYes Thomas CookThis helped Britonsto improve their livesby seeing the worldand participating intemperancemovement2000thThis decade thatfollowed isconsidered tohave been asignificantperiod intourismdevelopmentonline bookingYes Almost all around theworldCONTEMPORARY TRAVEL AND TOURISMAccessibility

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