Strategies for Career Advancement


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Employability skills plays an important role in providing the desired job
to the person. These are the skills which are tests by the manager of the
company to hire appropriate candidate. In this report, the main tasks are
strategies for career development. Further, staff recruitment, job
evaluation, person specification aspects are discussed. Effective means of
communication methods, interpersonal relationships are assessed.
Moreover, the report has included the CV and appraisal, mentoring and
appraisal issues. Present report focuses mainly on the employability skills
and career advancement strategies.

Roles and responsibility or skill develop effective communication and
partner ship in the workplace
In order to become effective HR manager it is very necessary for the
person to focus on its communication skills. These skills help the person
to become more effective leader and influence the people. Further,
fluency in speaking helps the manager to explain its views and
perception. The main role of HR manager is to recruit and select the
candidates for their organisation. So, it is very necessary for the manager
to interact properly with their new applicants and identify their area of
weakness. Further, the manager has to develop effective environment in
the company which can be possible only if it can interact more with the
employees and discuss their problems and take their suggestions

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