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Employee And Manager Role Plays

Develop and maintain a positive and productive workplace environment through a project work.

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Added on  2022-09-18

Employee And Manager Role Plays

Develop and maintain a positive and productive workplace environment through a project work.

   Added on 2022-09-18

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Running head: ROLE PLAYS
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Employee And Manager Role Plays_1
Role play 1:
Situation: An employee applied for an internal promotion within the garden centre but was
not awarded the role. The employee believes they were discriminated against because they’re
younger than the other applicants. The matter now has to be discussed with the employee.
Role players: Employee, manager
Manager: Good morning, xxx, I got your mail and scheduled for the meeting accordingly.
Glad to have you here. Tell me what brings you here.
Employee: Thank you so much to have this appointment scheduled urgently. I need to discuss
about the application for promotion that I had sent out earlier this month. As I stated in the
mail, I strongly believe that I was left out simply because the other applicants were elder to
me. However, records could possibly prove that I am indeed more efficient and suitable for
that job role.
Manager: I am really sorry for what has happened. Yes, I have read your mail and I
completely understand your purpose coming into this appointment. However, I would really
like to clear a few things out. First of all, we have a set of organizational goals, which we
must accomplish for the purpose of sustaining and growing at a desirable rate. For this
reason, we have an outlined policy of how to decide on promotions of various employees,
and how we have to go about making sure that the appropriate candidate from a given pool of
talent is selected for a particular job role.
Employee: Yes, I understand that. However, I would like to point out that my performance
for the team has been equally good as the other candidates, as well as the one who got
promoted in the scenario. Therefore, at equal talent levels, do you not tend to agree with the
Employee And Manager Role Plays_2
fact that the management should be rather looking towards promoting the younger talent,
since sustainability is one of our core values?
Manager: I get your point and I absolutely respect it. However, since sustainability is our core
value, we have to make sure that a more experienced employee is given the chance after his
services in the long run, so that he does not feel left out or overlooked, and decides to leave.
That is sustainability, and employee relations! Which is also one of our core values. This
might all sound vague to you, since I understand the emotions running in your veins right
now. However, I would like to remind you that you are an absolute asset to the company and
we would lose you at no cost. To further assist you with an explanation, since I absolutely
owe you one for the dedication that you have towards your work, you can follow a specific
dispute resolution process. How about we have another appointment scheduled tomorrow? I
can arrange for the documents and point out the specific majors that we look for while
awarding promotions, and the criteria that we are bound to follow. Based on that, I may
compare those with the traits and achievements of Mr/Ms. Xxx to let you know that there was
no controversy involved in the entire process. You have to understand that we do not award
promotions out of simple rationale, but out of documented policies.
Employee: I do understand that.
Manager: I am glad. I promise you that if tomorrow’s appointment does not convince you, I
shall then surely arrange for an external mediation, which however, is best to keep out of the
court’s knowledge in my opinion. We also have a General Assistance Specialist, who would
help you out with any arbitration that is applicable between you and the person who got
promoted. May we be on good terms till then?
Employee: I accept. See you tomorrow.
Manager: Wish you a good day!
Employee And Manager Role Plays_3

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