Assignment Energy and Building

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ENERGY AND BUILDING1Answer 1: The demand for energy was reduced to a certain extent because of adoption ofseveral actions which can be classified into Behavioural and technologicalTechnological changes-The stores started piling up their inventory with insulation and power strips toconserve the electricity.The temperature of room was also lowered in electrically heated buildings.The Juneau citizens installed compact fluorescent lampsBehavioural Changes-Many local organizations along with citizens of Juneau launched a campaign tospread awareness about measures of conservation and also about encouraging anysubsequent actions required.There were many tourists who were expected to visit Juneau that summer. So citizensplanned to educate and alert them so as to take their cooperation to save energy(Rinkinen, J. 2013).The Citizens of Juneau reduced their usage of lights and started keeping it off whennot in use.
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