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A study on Engineering Practices in Australia

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Added on  2019-11-26

A study on Engineering Practices in Australia

   Added on 2019-11-26

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ENGINEERING PRACTICE IN AUSTRALIA1Engineering practice in Australia.By[Student’s name]CourseInstitutionDate
A study on Engineering Practices in Australia_1
ENGINEERING PRACTICE IN AUSTRALIA2Collaboration refers to act that enables individuals to work together to achieve a common benefitsuch as project completion. Technology enhancement has enabled collaboration to be easy as people who are far apart can still work together by the help of teleconferencing (McDonald, 2015, p.90). For collaboration to be effective, there must be a person willing and capable of acting as the team leader. The leader should ensure there is participatory collaboration in the team that will lead to the exchange of ideas that are healthy to projects. The leader will be responsible for ensuring that each team member has a specific role to play in the team and avoid confusion.Some skills needed to achieve an effective collaboration in the team are easy to embrace to embrace while other are gained as one grows in the engineering profession. The skill of toleranceis very important and very beneficial as it enables me to be patient for the team to be effective. Team members are from different cultures, have different ideas and opinion and even different manner of handling stress, hence being tolerant will prevent the team from having conflicts (Pastel, et al.2015,p.19). Communication skills which I possess have enabled the team to work effectively as I know how to pass instructions in a friendly manner rather than commanding manner. I am stilling developing some skills such as asking for help when needed, apologizing when I offend team members, learning how to cope with failures and active listening skills.Participatory collaboration has proved to have many benefits in team projects. Through collaboration, the team is able to complete projects efficiently as innovation is enhanced. This enables the team to have better and efficient ways of completing the project at hand and saving resources. Collaboration also enables sharing of ideas which lead to the development of projects that help the team to complete the project in time (Rämgård, et al.2015, p.356). This helps to
A study on Engineering Practices in Australia_2
ENGINEERING PRACTICE IN AUSTRALIA3save on the cost of the project. Collaboration also promotes team work in the project, and this helps to prevent team members from having different objectives which can affect the project.Collaboration also has some frustrations that cannot be avoided such as slow decision making as there is consultation between team members and this may slow down the process of making critical decisions that affect the team project (Vigoda, 2000, p.330). Some team members are not team players, and this makes it difficult to achieve collaboration in a team, and this is frustrating.During the close of the financial year, I am the one responsible for ensuring that each accounting department has completed and updated their financial records. Last year, one staff who was new in the organization had not updated the records and I was to give him instructions on what to do to update the records. It was easy issuing the instructions because I have previously seen how theperson who used to handle such records used to do (Baron, et al.2010, p.290). There were also difficulties when issuing the instructions because the employee was new to the organization and he had different approaches to what I was instructing him. This is because the organization he worked in previously used different approaches.Effective engineers in Australia have efficient work behavior that enables them to perform their tasks in a more fulfilling manner. I also want to become an effective engineer but before I can boast of being one of the best engineers in Australia, I will have to make some changes to my work behavior. Such changes include being more punctual and attending work more regularly(Boniwell, and Zimbardo, 2015, p.230). After I complete my tasks in time, I fail to come to workon the excuse of that I have done my tasks. Attending work regularly and being more punctual will enable myself have more time to learn from others and increase my experience.
A study on Engineering Practices in Australia_3

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