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Australian Engineering Practice

Reflect on collaboration skills and self-management in engineering practice.

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Added on  2023-04-21

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This document discusses Australian engineering practice, including collaboration, skills required for engineering, and time management in engineering projects. It also provides insights into the author's personal experiences and challenges faced in the field. The document includes references to relevant studies and research.

Australian Engineering Practice

Reflect on collaboration skills and self-management in engineering practice.

   Added on 2023-04-21

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Australian Engineering Practice_1
Answer 6
a. We have been through a collaborative project in our institute. Collaboration can
be defined as a process where a certain activity or project is carried out with the
help of a group of members [1. What]. These members belong to different
organizations or institutes depending on where the collaboration takes place.
Collaboration is a process that might have positive or negative impact on the
institute and the members involved in it [2. So what includes the description].
Skills that are easy for me in collaboration include communication and
authenticity. These skills are easy for me because I have been a part of
collaboration where I had captained a particular sporting team; in that team I had
to divide roles to the team members and monitor if they were working properly
(An, Zaaba and Samsudin 2016). I am still developing with the skill of tolerance
[3. What else- description of event]. Collaboration is very important in my team
project because it provides a chance to members to perform with people
belonging to different backgrounds and specializations. The knowledge I have
gained from working with other people has worked really well for me because it
has helped me to deal with different people and the things that did not work for
me include the behavior of people [4. What now]. Sometimes team members had
behaved rudely with me because I did not belong in their group.
I had undergone an internship in a certain company, during the period of internship I was
provided with a project and in that I was supposed to instruct some of the team members
regarding their roles and responsibilities in the project [1. What]. I had instructed around 5-6 of
the team members and it was very difficult to instruct because the members who did not get
Australian Engineering Practice_2
responsibilities of their choice, they did not want to follow my instructions [2. So what] .I
blamed myself partly because it was completely my responsibility to explain them their roles and
I did not cross check that everyone understood it or not [3. What else] (Brennan 2016). I tried
and improved my communication skills even more with people who behave or do not behave
well so that I do not face further problems [4. What now].
Answer 7
A good engineer requires numerous skills, though I have some skills that are required for
being a good civil engineer but there are still some key changes that I need to undergo in order to
be an effective engineer [1. What]. Some skills that I need to improve are teamwork and
innovation [2. So what]. The skills of team work and innovation would help me in undergoing
any project successfully and also help me in attaining the goals of the project [3. What else]. I do
acquire skills on good teamwork but I need to improve this skill in order to be more productive
and perform with precision (Brotowiryatmo 2016). Innovation is a skill that I need to acquire and
which would help me in thinking as well as performing my activities uniquely [4. What now].
a. I manage my time effective using various methods, these methods are planning
and knowledge of goals [1. What]. Planning helps me in performing my tasks
within provided deadline and knowledge of goals helps me in carrying out tasks
with precision [2. So what]. Before performing any task, I try to plan my
activities. Planning helps me in performing my tasks according to the schedule
that have been set and finish my tasks in desired time (Fisher, Muir and Gregory
2015). Knowing the goals is the most useful skill for me which helps in taking
decisions accordingly [3. What else].
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