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Engineering Reflection on Mechanical Systems Design PDF

Added on - 14 Oct 2021

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Engineering Reflection on Mechanical Systems Design1
Engineering Reflection on Mechanical Systems Design
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Engineering Reflection on Mechanical Systems Design2
My second year as a master’s student in the INSW came with the idea of my father wanting to
put up the foundation of our new house in Pakistan. As a way of getting acquainted with the
skills I had learnt in my masters’ studies, I wanted to showcase what I had learnt from the
fundamentals of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) this was during my
Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree. Therefore I wanted to be the one to install the
central air conditioner. In my new house I was able to design my own HVAC. In the University I
had studied Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) (Azar and Serrano 2017).
I still recall the events of that day as if it was yesterday. I could see vividly the image of my
father throwing food when I was in grade six in the bin just because they could not be preserved
by the broken fridge. The compressor was later fixed by the technician. In a reaction to counter
this, I had to pose tough questions. He was so patient and therefore answered all the questions
but later gave me a handbook to act as my guide in questions relating to refrigeration.
I report successfully that I was able to gain so much from the book. It was able to teach me
refrigeration essentials alongside its importance and the way it affect our lives positively in our
today economy. My quest and persistent drive to know more each day made me develop an
interest in the undergraduate degree of Engineering in Mechanics. In prospect, the course was
well loaded with RAC i.e. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The whole experience made me
gain enough knowledge and confidence to undertake any responsibility pertaining to the fitting
of the air conditioning system in my apartment.
Engineering Reflection on Mechanical Systems Design3
The UNSW has received a lot of tributes among the universities of the world in general. It had
received the title of being ranked the top university in the world having various software and the
laboratories which are in state of the art. In a special way, CAMEL which was a RAC software
trimmed my engineering skills positively. During my sitting times in the laboratory, I would play
with the software in UNSW and trying to find an attachment to it (Martin and Strawser 2017
Nature of Project
The project incorporated both the calculation of heating and cooling of a two story building.
They were manually done and through CAMEL software.
Objective of the Project
The project has general objectives which explores real-life experience and relates to calculation
of load in practical situations. Both sensible and latent load had to be calculated and this includes
possibilities of the real world together with safety factors. In this project, buildings which are
newly built have been calculated for in terms of heating and cooling of loads. These buildings
are made up of two floors. The ground floor of the buildings are made up of three sections,
however the first floor has two sections. Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) was also applied.
Air-conditioners were also chosen uniquely for each level. Furthermore, couples of reactions
were made on load reduction alongside capacity increase in air conditioning(Hanrahan and
Pedro 2017 p.55).
Nature of My Particular Work Area
Engineering Reflection on Mechanical Systems Design4
In this project, my main role was to act as the team lead role. Some of the examples of the tasks
I did the performance of initial project readings.
I acted as a coordinate between my team members with the professors.
Project planning and project progress also became my primary role.
With manual calculations, I was able to calculate the loads ground floor.
After alI these, I managed to compile the report and make compiled the report and made
technical presentation
Organizational Structure
Work Progress
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