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Cellphones in the Classroom: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Added on  2022-10-01

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This essay explores the effectiveness and distractions of using cellphones in the classroom, and attempts to scale the advantages and disadvantages of using cellphones in the classroom.

Cellphones in the Classroom: Advantages and Disadvantages

   Added on 2022-10-01

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Cellphones in the Classroom: Advantages and Disadvantages_1
The question of whether or not cellphones are useful in the classroom is highly dependent
on the type of usage it finds in a classroom scenario. As technology progresses, more and more
students have started bringing their mobile devices into the classroom. As this trend is on the
rise, many people have begun questioning whether the assistance of mobile devices in the
classroom could prove beneficial for the students. This essay will look into the effectiveness and
the distractions which the devices could provide in a classroom setting and thereby attempt to
scale the advantages and the disadvantages of using cellphones in the classroom.
Mobile devices especially cell phones can be used beneficially in the classroom in some
of the following ways. The first could be to use educational learning apps, which could let the
students access tools which could help them stay ahead of their class work (Thomas, O’Bannon
& Bolton, 2013) and could also be used to teach the students to develop time management and
organizational skills. Cellphones can find significant importance in a language classroom where
a lot of the teaching and learning materials can be accessed on the mobile device (Baker, Lusk &
Neuhauser, 2012). Furthermore, the abundance of educational learning apps as mentioned above
also contributes towards practising more exercises and gaining better insight about the target
language (Dooly, 2018). Besides, even in science and technology classrooms, using a cellphone
can prove to be a serious advantages by providing instant access to instant computations. The
second could be incorporating social media into class work which could encourage them to
participate in deeper discussions. The third could be supplementing lessons with online material
that could be shared amongst the students on their phones (Thomas, O’Bannon & Bolton, 2013).
Cell phones could also give students easy access to information on the web. Furthermore,
cellphones can also become an effective medium of note taking and in a more contemporary
setting where smartphones are becoming excessively smart by easily providing access to modern
Cellphones in the Classroom: Advantages and Disadvantages_2

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