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Unit Title: Responsible EnterpriseUnit Code:5T5Z0011Core: BusinessManagementLevel: 5Assignment Title: Responsible Enterprise Assignment 1:What is Responsible Enterprise? (2,500 words – 40%)Unit Leader: Dr. Helen WadhamContact Details:Email:h.wadham@mmu.ac.ukTel. No:0161 247 6652Room Number: 5.34Submission Date: See dateon Moodle (10.00 p.m.)Feedback Return Date: See Date on MoodleSubmission Instructions: Submit via Turnitin/Moodle (no hard copy to be submitted)Feedback Return Information: Published via Turnitin/MoodleAssignment Task“What is responsible enterprise?” The purpose of this essay is to discuss the changing roleof business in society (including small to medium enterprises & social enterprises).Specifically, students should identify the key global challenges we face, set out how“responsible enterprise” might help address those challenges & suggest why greatercollaboration between business, government & nonprofits might be necessary in order todo so.All relevant topics are covered in Term 1. In addition, skills-based tasks will be includedthroughout the unit to support students in developing their academic reading, writing &referencing skills.(Note that the resit will be a rework of the current assessment.)Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.LO1: Identify and give examples of sustainable (defined as ethical social and ecological) issueswithin the national and global context and how these relate to stakeholders.LO2: Analyse the role of government at local, regional, national, and global levels in regulatingand influencing businesses sustainability performance.LO5: Effectively communicate through appropriate structure and language and systematicallyreference evidence and information used to undertake an assignment.Assignment Details and Instructions.1. Introduction & background: Briefly outline the purpose & structure of theessay. Then, drawing on the “3 pillars of sustainable development,” set out whatyou believe are the key social, economic & environmental challenges wecurrently face as a global society.(700 words – 25%)Faculty ofBusiness and LawAssignment Brief 2016/17
Relevant lectures: Introduction to the unit & social/ethical challenges;Environmental challenges; Economic challenges2. In the context of these challenges, set out what you understand by“responsible enterprise” & how it might help address them.(750 words – 30%)There are diverse interpretations of what responsible enterprise means, encompassingrelated concepts such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporatecitizenship & ethical business. You should compare & contrast a range of academicviews & interpretations of these concepts in your discussion.Relevant lectures: Understanding the role of business in society; DefiningResponsible Enterprise; Identifying responsible enterprise in practice3. Briefly explain the roles & responsibilities of government & nonprofitorganisations in addressing those same challenges. Suggest why greatercollaboration between business, government & nonprofits might be necessary.(750 words - 30%)Business, government & nonprofits all share the responsibility for creating a moresustainable world. In order to consider the specific role of government & nonprofits,you need to compare & contrast the two sectors with each other & with business. Youalso need to consider the tools at their disposal & the way the two sectors can bothenable & inhibit more sustainable approaches.Relevant lectures: The role of government; The role of nonprofits; Partnership for amore sustainable world4. Conclusion.(300 words - 10%)Synthesise your findings in order to conclude on the key global challenges we face,the role of “responsible enterprise” in addressing those challenges, & how greatercollaboration with government & nonprofits might enable such change to happen.Relevant lecture: Assignment 1 guidanceStyle.(5%)Overall presentation of essay including structure, language, grammar, spelling. Systematic useof Harvard-style referencing.Relevant lecture: Academic writing & referencing+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Submission information & wordcount:Submit one essay with a wordcount of 2,500words. Specify the wordcount at the end of the essay. Diagrams do not add to thewordcount & should be included within the body of the essay rather than in anappendix.You are required to submit your essay electronically via the TurnitinAssignments link on the unit Moodle page. Do not submit a hard copy.Formatting & style:Use 12-point, single-spaced font.Be analyticalnot descriptiveinyour approach. The essay should be well-structured & use appropriate academiclanguage. It should contain a balance of theory & concepts, factual evidence & reasonedargument. Harvard referencing style must be adopted i.e. all references must be citedappropriately within the text, with a full alphabetical list of sources included at the endof your assignment.Using academic theory:Remember to make use of the relevant lecture & tutorialmaterial from Term 1. However, the assignment should be based primarily on yourown
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