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OE&CSR Module - Assessment guidance April 2017Module Title:Organisational Ethics and Corporate Social ResponsibilityAssessmentTitle:EssayIndividual/Group:Individual- You can discuss your ideas with others but your write-up must be in your ownwords and not show up as a match on Turnitin.- We suggest that you discuss ideas, can even share usefulmodels/theories/book/journal articles with each other but do not show othersyour written work.- See the universities advice on Academic Conduct (via ShuSpace)Weighting:100%Submission Date:End of Semester 2 - See Assessment Diary for detailsAssessment Brief and Extra notes for your guidance:Referring to the case example brief (will be handed out in the module classes) and your experienceof taking part in the classroom role play exercise, write an essay that addresses the followingquestions:1)How do the interests and ethics of the stakeholder groups differ?2)Whatethical justificationcan you offer for the way you voted on the proposal?3)Based on this experience, critically evaluate the case for green HRM.To construct a great answer you need to demonstrate that you have done the following:Selected appropriate theories, models, concepts and topics from the module content andapplied them to a discussion of ethical behaviours arising throughout the case study roleplay.Undertaken your own desk research on the issues and topics arising from the role play, andintegrated your findings into the assignment (using both material on the reading list andarticles, journal papers and book chapters you have found yourself).Have developed your own voice and ideas, supported by arguments that are backed byreferences to academic literature, theories and secondary research.Demonstrate an ability to move beyond description of an issue by applying theories thatenable you to develop critical insights and establish the 'so what?' issues that arise.Demonstrate that you can widen the argument and link it to contemporary challengeswithin wider society. Another aspect of this could come from comparing and contrastingthe case study to other examples (either for similarity or dissimilarity).
1) How do the interests and ethics of the stakeholder groups differ?Think about the different stakeholder groups that took part in the role play... what weretheir interests and ethics (e.g. self-interest, altruism, utilitarianism.... etc.. etc...)? This mayhave been stated at the session, in the discussions and after vote discussions that youshould have been noting on the day. Or you could INTERVIEW some of your classmates tolearn more about this and gain insights into what they and those in their stakeholdergroups were thinking and what they said they did and why... etc.Look at lecture material to give you ideas and to help you identify the interests and ethicsat play. Lectures 2 and 3 are of particular relevance here as lecture 2 provided a modelthat you can use to do this, lecture 3 provided lots of information on the different ethicalbases for decision-making. Also see lecture 5 on stakeholders and managing multipleinterests of course and the lecture 8 and FairShares model/approach informationprovided.Follow up on relevant readings from lectures and the readings lists to inform yourunderstanding of these issues and stances and to provide scholarly weight to the pointsyou make. Ensure you reference these correctly.Do some additional research to find relevant books and papers so you can really developthose M-Level scholarly skills and approaches.So, the above requires a level of engagement with the lecture material, literature base,individual thinking and judgement but also, you answer will be aided by some co-opeartive/ collaborative endeavours such as discussing with your peers.(PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU WERE ONE OF THE FEW THAT MISSED THE ROLEPLAYEXERCISE then you can interview your classmates to find out what occurred on the day,what they decided on / voted on and ask about their views and stances to enable you tobe able to cover this part of the assessment. You can also look at the BlackBoard site, asoutlined at the start of this box of information, to see the role play exercise and votingoutcomes etc. It is your responsibility to catch up on what you missed to enable you toanswer these assessment questions).
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