Film and Television Extended Essay /Media Report.

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Film and Television Extended Essay /Media ReportFinishing Touches 1.Title page protocolsTo be typed at the bottom of the title page:Submitted to the University of Hertfordshire in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Art (Honours) Film and Television Production2.The AbstractAn abstract is a short summary to tell the reader what the extended essay is about. It presents the main elements of your essay in a condensed form.It is placed immediately following the title page but before the first chapter,Supplying an abstract is a common requirement for anything submitted for publication and is a convention of presenting the extended essay asa final year under-graduate student in university. Your extended essay abstract should be around 150-words in length. Butremember, the abstract (and the footnotes and bibliography) are never included in the total word- count, i.e. the 4000-words required for the assignment.It is helpful to think of your abstract as an advertisement for your extended essay so it is important that the abstract accurately reflects the contents of the extended essay.A good abstract gives information about the question under consideration, the methods for investigating it and the findings of the enquiry, as well as the implications. A quick test of whether your abstract does the job is to examine whether your abstract answers the questions: what? why? how? and so, what?

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