Fundamental For Travel And Tourism

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Fundamental For TravelAnd Tourism
INTRODUCTIONThe tourism industry has gone through many ups and downs in recent years. It is one ofthe key industries in the world as it contributes more than 10% in global economic output alongwith one out of ten jobs(Goh, 2012). The presented statements can present world travel &tourism councils defined about the importance of tourism industry in world economy. In presenttime scenario of the world tourism industry is successful and so as in Britain. In the particularreport Tourism management graduate programme at a leading U.K. Tour operator of GSMLeisure travel Ltd. In the particular consist of different types of tourism and their characteristics.Apart from focus on following topics tourism demand, tourist behaviour and tourist motivations.There is developing a new destination regarding to 6A's of a tourist destination.TASK 1Concise of the key historical and current developments in tourismIn the present time travel and tourism sector increased day by day and people like totravel on different places. The tourism industry is the total of all businesses which can providegoods or services to assist business with pleasure and leisure activities away from the homeenvironment. The particular industry can impact of other related industry and provide way toearning more. In present time different technology are trends in the travel industry such asinternet of things, recognition technology, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality,Augmented reality and robotics. These are important part of travel industry which can providedifferent facilities to provide comfortable to customers. In travel industry consider different typesof tourism which can select by people according to their interest they are -Mass tourism– It is a kind of tourism where involves tens of thousand peoples are goingto same place often at the time of year. Mass tourism popular kind of tourism as it is often thecheapest way to holiday and is often sold as a package deal. The development of mass tourism issimilar to the development and improvement of the technology.For this type tourism need too much time, internet,connected with people easily. It canallow to find out and onlinebooking during to order holiday package(Gössling, Cohen andHibbert, 2018). It can help to other industry to become part of this because for mass tourismneed transport which can help to bring out large number of peoples at same place in short space1
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