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Georgina ArnoldP2Unit 10Explain how different market research methods have been used tomake a marketing decision within a selected situation or businessKELLOGG’S MARKET RESEARCH-Kellogg’s is the leading producer in cereals and its products are sold in over 180countries and made in 18 different countries. Kellogg’s has been a leader in health andnutrition by providing consumers a wide variety of food products for more than 100years. Kellogg’s focuses on developing the businesses to meet the needs of consumerstoday while respecting the needs of future generations. This is known as sustainablegrowth.Market research is a specific area of marketing that informs Kellogg’s about theconsumers wants and needs, how to design the products and how to advertise them. Itdoes not only show what consumers want now but also what is wanted for the future.Market research adds value to the business by identifying consumers’ needs. Launchinga new product is a risky strategy and market research is essential in order to reducerisks.CRUNCHY NUT BRAND EXTENSION- PRIMARY AND SECONDARY RESEARCHKellogg’s commissioned primary research in order to extend the brand of crunchy nut.This research will be collected first hand by the company. The information they collectwill be specific to the project. Although it is more expensive and time consuming it is amore reliable and is specific for the project.Primary research data may include qualitative and quantitative data and both arevaluable in understanding the wants and needs of the consumers. Qualitative data isbased on opinions, beliefs attitudes and intentions. Quantitative data is based onstatistics and data.Kellogg’s would also have carried out secondary research. This research is quicker thanprimary research. However it does have its disadvantages and a major one is that it isnot as relevant or specific to the project.MARKETING DECISIONSKellogg’s wanted to identify a new food ideas in order to develop a crunchy nut product.They used a main primary research technique to collect data. They used focus groupswhich meant that could show the consumers the new food ideas in the form of different(real) food prototypes. The group captured and attitudes and feelings of the consumers
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