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Running head: SOCIOLOGY
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Sociology - Gibbs Cycle | Assignment_1

Situation 1
Step 1: Description
This was the time when I first got admission at Stanmore college(Stanmore.ac.uk. 2020). I found
math interesting and wanted to pursue it. However later when the results were out, I was sad.
This is because I got poor marks. I felt really sad. However I wantd to improve and started
reaching out to my professors. (Markkanen et al. 2020).
Step 2: Feelings
I was feeling anxious and nervous before the situation took place. However gradually I was able
to gain confidence and made sure to develop a good proficiency in math. I knew that I find it
interesting but I often make mistakes as I become nervous under pressure.
Step 3: Evaluation
The thing that did not go well in this session is that I got poor marks in maths and also could not
live upto my expectations. However later on, I realized that the good thing was I came to know
about all my mistakes and was also ready to solve them. I talked with my mentor and got to
know that in order to improve in maths, I must practice on a daily basis and also devlop ky
concentration level. (Tanaka, Okamoto and Koide 2018).
Step 4: Conclusions
In the future, if I face the same situation, I will immediately take help from my mentors for better
Sociology - Gibbs Cycle | Assignment_2

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