Group Report: Module-Specific Criteria


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Grading Guidelines CW1You will be assessed using the generic marking criteria for reports; however these are specific module guidelines, which you should follow first.Assignment 1 Group Report: Specific module Criteria (40% overall) Module specific grading criteria. Module code: 4BUS1123. Lecturer: Will AtkinsonREPORTPresentation & structure Use & presentation of Harvard ReferencingContent/ Terms/ Findings/ Definitions/ CalculationsBusiness Application & Integration of Data/LiteratureDiscussion /Analysis /Critical evaluation &/or ReflectionAny other lecturer instructions Task detailsFollows report structure, with clear headings thatindicate the content of each section. Writing style is clear, with well-constructed sentences. For thisearly stage things like an executive summary do not need to be included. Follows Harvard style for in-text citation & Reference List. Using a minimum of 12 sources, including 4 peer reviewed academic journal articles. Content includes demonstration of clear understanding of two issues around employment. Integration & application of information and relevant sources. Sources should be relevant to the discussion inthe report. Line of argument, this means the development of your discussion on the topic. It also means using different sources to support the discussion and line of argument. Attempts at critical discussion will also be rewarded.The report is assessed in its entirety. This includes each individual section and the introduction and conclusion. As a group,you will need to work out how your different topics come together inthe report as a whole. /marks /15 Marks /15 marks / 30 marks /15 marks /25 marks Lecturer comments:
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