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Contracts Human Capital and Employment: Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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CW1 GUIDANCEASSIGNMENT 1: 40%Group work total: 30%Individual Contribution: 10%In a group of four you will be required to provide a 1,500 word report, which will be marked at40%. In the report there will be an introduction and conclusion. The main body of the reportwill consist of 4 sections (two sections for each topic). Each section (there are two sectionsin each topic area) must be written by each individual student, for which a mark worth 10%will be rewarded. Each student indicates which section they have written with their namenext to the section in the contents page. The research and ideas for each section can bedecided upon by the whole group, the introduction and conclusion can be done by the wholegroup, but the actual writing of each of the four sections must be done by each individualstudent.As this is a group exercise that requires you to work in a team, you must communicate andcoordinate responsibilities and duties. You must also be supportive to other members of yourgroup. It is advisable that you have a group meeting early on (in week 3 at the very latest)and decide who will do what. Collective duties include: a coherent overall introduction, a coherent overall conclusion, aclear and correct reference list with correct in-text references (follow Harvard style), a clearcontents page (with a clear indication of which student did what section), clear reportstructure and writing and organisation of group meetings. The assignment must be submitted on StudyNet by Monday21st November 2016(electronic copy on studynet)Students will work in groups of four on this assignment (an alternative size group will have aslightly different workload depending on class numbers). The Assignment requires that youchoose two issues/topics related to Human Resource Management and people resourcinglisted below. There must be two sections on each topic. In your groups you must use aminimum of 12 sources, four of these sources must be academic peer reviewed journalarticles (one academic journal article per section). As the module progresses we willdiscuss what these are and how to find them. The remaining eight sources could alsoinclude professional journal articles (including CIPD reports), a broad sheet newspaperarticle (not a tabloid newspaper like the Sun, Mirror or Mail), a research survey or report, agovernment web site etc. Individual Contribution: 10%You must each write one section in the report. This section will be approx. 250 words. Youmust choose one sub-theme in relation to your topic (you have two topics as a group) anddevelop your argument using a minimum of 3 sources, one being an academic journalarticle. You will therefore be marked on your ability to discuss the issue and incorporate theappropriate sources. Below is a list of some issues to choose from:-1.Zero Hour Contracts2.Human Capital and employment 3.The skills gap and young people 4.Precarious employment

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