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Assignment Hiring Process

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Running head: HIRING PROCESSHIRING PROCESS[Document subtitle]
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1HIRING PROCESSIntroductionThe most significant decision in an organization is the selection and hiring of a new employee. Since itinvolves huge investment of time, efforts and costs by the hiring manager, the initial decision taken willdetermine the individual’s caliber who will be hired for the required post. In this discussion, we will behighlighting certain steps which are significant for the selection of right candidate at right place on righttime.Guidelines for Initial Hiring ProcessTo improve the efficiency, there are several steps to be followed by the Hiring manager for the initialselection process.A workforce plan should be developed and approved so that necessary gap can be identified andsuccession planning can be done according to it (Bateson, et al., 2016). The necessary requirements ofthe job need to be confirmed from all the departments where the vacancy is to be filled and an attractivedescription of job should be developed to hire the well qualified people for this job (Blount, et al.,2016). A comprehensive plan to fill out the position should be formulated in which the requirement ofthe position, announcement options, timeframe required to fill the position, appointment options(Transfer, promotion, External Sources) should be detailed. Multiple options should be applied to makeannouncement regarding the job opening to attract maximum talent and detailed description regarding thejob position should be provided (Burks, et al., 2015). In order to select the right candidate for the rightjob, appropriate assessment should be done as per the job requirement which includes interviews based onbehavior, writing samples, structured interview, Assessment centers, Work samples, realistic jobpreviews.
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