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Holistic Health Assessment Assignment

Added on - 15 Jan 2020

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Holistic Health Assessment1Holistic Health AssessmentStudent's Name:Instructor's Name:Date:
Holistic Health Assessment21] State when a temperature measurement is not considered in a normal range and whatare the indicators that Mr. Tony has temperature above normal range?Fever is a condition characterized by an elevation of body temperature that is beyond the usualbody temperature. This increase in temperature is mediated by the peripheral mechanisms, whichin turn activates the hypothalamus, the temperature regulatory centre of the body. Themeasurement of body temperature can be taken orally, rectally or from the armpit. Under normalconditions, the body exhibits a body temperature of 36 ºC-37 ºC. And the temperature of therectum is observed to be 0.6 ºC higher than oral temperature. Studies have shown that towardsevening the body temperature increases by at least 0.6 ºC.Mr. Tony has reported warm skin with a body temperature of 37.9 ºC. The problem does notmention the means by which the temperature was measured. A case of fever can be confirmedonly if the body exhibits a body temperature of 37.2 ºC by morning and 37.8 ºC by evening.Keeping the following details in mind, it can be inferred that Mr. Tony has a fever.2] Define systolic and diastolic blood pressure [BP] measurements. What are the indicatorsfrom case study that Mr. Tony may have a blood pressure above normal range?Blood pressure is defined as pressure of blood flowing in the circulatory system. It is the forceand rate with which blood flows, also depended on factors such as diameter and elasticity of thevessels. It has two categories; Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure. Systolic pressure isrecorded during the contraction of the left heart ventricle. Mean normal value of systolic pressureshould be 120mm of Hg. Diastolic pressure is recorded during the relaxation of the ventricles ofthe heart. Mean normal value of diastolic pressure is 80mm of Hg [3].
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