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Annotated Bibliography on Hospitality Management

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Added on  2023-06-13

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This annotated bibliography explores various topics related to hospitality management, including employee retention, corporate social responsibility, and the importance of creativity among employees. The articles provide insights into the challenges faced by the industry and offer solutions to help organizations attract and retain employees. The authors emphasize the need for a more social scientific and interdisciplinary approach to hospitality and tourism studies, as well as the importance of adopting mobility within the industry.

Annotated Bibliography on Hospitality Management

   Added on 2023-06-13

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Annotated Bibliography on Hospitality Management
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Annotated Bibliography on Hospitality Management_1
Duncan, T., Scott, D. G., & Baum, T. (2013). The mobilities of hospitality work: An
exploration of issues and debates. Annals of Tourism Research, 41, 1-19.
In the article, the authors emphasize on the understanding of mobility in the hospitality
sector. The onset of global tourism and growing acceleration in the hospitality sector has
accounted to complex mobility in the employees of hospitality works. Different factors such as
different experience backgrounds, geographical origins, social scenario, and working
environments have led to increasing mobility in the employees. The authors have questions the
labor processes of hospitality management discourses and emphasize the values of adopting
mobility within hospitality and tourism studies. They have addressed the rising difficulties the
organizations of hospitality sectors are facing in regard to attracting sustainable employees in
work. Various factors such as young workforce, low pay, and lack of formal qualifications, part-
time and casual workers have resulted to low skilled jobs and employment retention in the sector.
The social stigma of working in the industry, poor utilization of Gen Y labors and high rate of
staff turnover has deteriorated the sector to gain potential employees. These impression prevent
the capable employees to choose tourism and hospitality industry as their career.
The article is very relevant for managers and directors of the hospitality and tourism
industry to consider the concept of mobility in order to eradicate the problem of employee
retention in the industry. The industry is a stage for societal individualization and scope for
greater social networks. The relationship between internationally and culturally mobile
workforce, experience seeking tourism and hospitality management must be encouraged to
encourage the employees to sustain their role in the industry. The conventional management
thinking of tourism and hospitality labor processes need to be replaced with a more social
scientific and interdisciplinary approach for the same. The article truly elevates the fact that
Annotated Bibliography on Hospitality Management_2
mobile hospitality workers has the scope of making a sense out of their everyday existence
through the complex mix of working, travelling and residential experiences that would ascertain
their stability in the sector. Tourism sector is not just an economic phenomenon. It is equally
considered in terms of social and cultural interactions. Thus, valuing the workers in respect to
their social and cultural linkages, emotional and aesthetic prospects and accepting mobility
focuses understanding of hospitality works would help the organizations to attract staffs. The
need for greater awareness of the multiplicity of mobility among the workers and directing and
controlling them accordingly would turn out to be an inclusive way of understanding the real
essence of the hospitality sector, enabling them to retain their staffs for a longer time.
Vasquez, D. (2014). Employee retention for economic stabilization: A qualitative
phenomenological study in the hospitality sector.
The author in the article, focuses on employee retention that serve o be a vital factor in
not only the hospitality sector but also for the nation’s economy. It shows the negative effects of
high rate of employee turnover and thus forecasts the various factors that motivates employee to
retain in the industry. The author has enriched the article through the qualitative data collection
and interviews of the hospitality employees in South Florida. The author stresses on the need for
creating a good working environment that would enable the organizations to retain their
employees. Starting from the analysis of the hospitality industry that provide jobs all around the
globe that amounts to greater economic stability, the article further delves into the challenging
aspect of employee retention that is manifested in the industry. The author highlights the greater
need of employee retention for every organization to be economically progressive since it can
employ greater time in production than on training of new employees. It is equally essential to
render greater employee retention since hospitality sector accounts for greater employment of
Annotated Bibliography on Hospitality Management_3

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