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Role of Human Resource Management in Briggs Automotive

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Added on  2023-06-12

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This report discusses the role of Human Resource Management in Briggs Automotive for selection, recruitment, performance management, and employee retention. It covers the staffing function, providing compensation and benefits, development of work-related policies, employee retention, training and development, and performance management. The report also evaluates the performance management processes followed by Briggs Automotive. The report concludes that HRM plays a crucial role in improving the motivation level and productivity of employees by developing their skills and group engagement.

Role of Human Resource Management in Briggs Automotive

   Added on 2023-06-12

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Human Resource Management
The human resource management activity is
considered as the crucial function in
management as it deals with selection of
workers as well as development of employee
skills in order to attain competitive edge in the
market. The role of human resource
management is important as it helps the
organization to meet with daily objectives by
maintaining as well as improving positive
attitude among workers of the firm. For this
report Briggs automotive firm is taken into
consideration. The company is the
manufacturer of high function sports cars and is
headquartered in Liverpool, UK. The report will
cover the role of HRM in the process of
selection as well as recruitment in company. In
addition to this, the report will also include
procedure of performance management.
Description of the
Role of Human
resource management
in the company
The Human resource management is related to the set of
processes undertaken for selecting right people,
providing training to them as well as formulating
policies in order to retain them in the company for
longer durations. In context to Briggs automotive, the
Human resource management in the company ensures
recruitment of right people and also provides immersive
training for improving the skill set of employees
(Podgorodnichenko, Edgar and McAndrew, 2020).
The following are the
main roles of Human
resource management in
the organization are
Staffing function: The most important function of human
resource management in the company is to hire employees
in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the
operations. In addition to this, the HR is also accountable
for the development of policies regarding promoting
multicultural business environment. In context to Briggs
Automotive company, the HRM of the organization is not
limited to selection as well as hiring process bus also
ensures the delivery of best training programs with the
purpose of boosting motivation level of employees.
Development of work-related policies: The other main role
of HRM is to formulate policies related to promoting
positive work culture in the organization. In context to
Briggs Automotive company, the HR of the company
makes work related rules in the company in order to
maintain the continuity of fairness as well as embrace
empathy within the organization(Monaci, 2020).
Providing compensation as well as
benefits: This role of HRM is also
critical as giving proper and fair
compensation drives the motivation
level of workers to a certain extent. In
context Briggs automotive firm, the
HR of the firm ensures that its
employees are receiving salaries as
per set pay standards in the market. In
addition to this, the HR also provides
other benefits such as overtime
payment, bonuses and much more.
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