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MMH331 - Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic Human Resource Management (MMH331)


Added on  2021-12-29

MMH331 - Strategic Human Resource Management


Strategic Human Resource Management (MMH331)

   Added on 2021-12-29

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Letter to HR Manager
The HR manager,
I came across the advertisement for the job role of Human Resource Delivery partner for
your organization on a popular job website. I would like to express my deep interest in this job
position. My name is Sanduni Liyanage and I am preparing for my last semesters in the course of
bachelor of human resource management. In Australia, I am currently residing as a student and
would like to further extend my stay by working for an esteemed organization such as yours. The
Human resource management course that I have undertaken and continuing towards finishing has
helped me to understand greatly about the functional aspects of human resource management.
The various learnings that have emerged from this course is given to provide a more clear
understanding of myself and my essential relationship with the profession of human resource.
A star framework can be used in order to provide a brief understanding of what I have
been able to learn from the course. It consists of situation, task, action, result and the derived
The first thing is the situational aspect of HR. I have learnt that contemporary situation in
the HR market is concerning the predominance of quality aspects. I have been able to garner the
skills to tackle HR situations in effective manners. The ability to comprehend the exact
requirements of situations help me to handle situations by comprehending the factors that affect
the particular situation. The six situational need for HR presently are cost effectiveness, quality
HR development, flexibility, vocational development, enlighten and development.
MMH331 - Strategic Human Resource Management_2
Concerning task, I have been able to gather essential knowledge about the tasks that an HR needs
to fulfil. I have learned to handle tasks in effective manner. I have garnered skills that help me to
perform many tasks at a given time. My multitasking ability can help me to effectively tackle the
various roles that the HR organization would like me to take. The task of the HR manager is to
also develop critical thinking and problem solving attitude (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow 2016).
The roles of an HR delivery associate does not end at the recruitment stage of the candidates. It
is a constant process that follows the development of a candidate throughout the employment.
Critical thinking and problem solving attitudes go hand in hand. When the organization is facing
significant problems with regards to employee motivation or job role allocation, it is up to the
HR department to resolve the issues. The course has helped me to understand the exact times
when effective thinking and implementing processes are required.
Organizations face many issues in relation to employee satisfaction. In these exact places
it is important to create a platform for development of understanding between the organization
and its employees. In these exact places the roles of an HR personnel are tested.
The third aspect is action. I will strive towards living up to the standards of the modern
corporate scene, where an HR is required to be a person that can hold many responsibilities
simultaneously. I will face these kinds of challenges in the organization I will be working for.
Hence, it is important to understand the actions that are required. The job roles in the HR
department are likely to require data management, presentation and interactive functions with
candidates and communicational requirements with the various department of an enterprise
(Albrecht et al. 2015). The company will require a dynamic person in this situation and I am
definitely suitable for the responsibilities. I am capable of coordinating with the managers and
helping them to implement HR policies across the organization.
MMH331 - Strategic Human Resource Management_3

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