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Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management
Executive Summary
The human resource management of an organisation plays a very vital role in its growth
and success. There are many approaches that human resource managers should employ to
optimise the workforce as one of the organisation’s resources. Also, the culture of an
organisation is cultivated and determined the human resources managers’ and their interactions
with the employees. The HRM actively implements the organisation’s procedures and policies.
The key areas of an organisation that relate to the employees include benefits compensation, the
conduct of behaviour and hiring practices. About the case study, Qantas Airlines Company is one
of the best performing organisation in the air travel industry based in Australia. This company
has undergone some financial and performance challenges which have to force the human
resource to institute some policies which affect the employees and the company at large. Some of
these policies include the pay cut and replacement of the permanent employees with the
temporary ones. Due to this reason, it has been challenging to maintain and retain the employees
in the company. However, the Qantas company human resource management can employ o the
best practices in the organisation such as proper compensation and provision of opportunities for
growth of the employees in order t address the challenge of employee’s retention.
Qantas Airways Limited gives traveller and cargo air transportation benefits in Australia
and globally. It is considered as the second most seasoned carrier everywhere throughout the
world. The name QANTAS formally originates from the Queensland And Northern Territory
Aerial Services Limited. The organisation additionally offers air load and express cargo services
and client loyalty reward programs. The organisation was established in 1920 and is
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headquartered in Mascot, Australia. Qantas is one of the world's best-known airline company,
extending 4 million travellers yearly and reliably positioning among the most secure bearers. Be
that as it may, as so regularly occurs, this worldwide predominance developed from little
beginnings. Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS) was enlisted
in the Gresham Hotel in Brisbane, Australia, on sixteenth November 1920 (“The History Hit,”
2015). The new organisation was established by previous Australian Flying Corps officers W
Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness, with money related support from Fergus McMaster, a
grazier. Arthur Baird, a talented architect who had presented with Fysh and McGinness,
additionally joined the organisation. They acquired two biplanes and set up an air taxi and
airmail administration among Charleville and Cloncurry in Queensland. Qantas became one of
the most significant coalitions as far as systems inclusion: has consensus with British Airlines,
American Airlines, Japan Airlines and Air Pacific. Also, a firm did some code-share plan with
different aircrafts company. These coalitions permit offering a consumed worldwide system,
expanding simplicity of exchange and improving the acknowledgement for long-standing
Also, from that point forward, Qantas has kept on developing regardless of battering from
the Asian money catastrophe and the worldwide downturn for avionics. It propelled low-cost
airline Jetstar, in the wake of persuading associations to consent to a different pay scale, and that
is demonstrated profitable outcomes (“Where It All Begin: The History of Qantas,” 2011)
Today, Qantas is broadly viewed as the world's driving long distance aircraft and one of
the most grounded brands in Australia (“The Qantas Story,” 2019). Qantas keeps on giving
exceptional support of its clients and is at the cutting edge of the universal common flight
industry. The future holds numerous difficulties for Qantas - keeping up safe tasks and world-
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class item norms while building a feasible and aggressive position long haul for the aircraft.
What’s more, Australia's Qantas has proceeded with its phenomenal wellbeing record of no
fatalities – or structure misfortunes – in the streaming period as it enters its 99th year (Smith,
Analysis of Literature
Human resource management is described as a coherent and strategic approach applied in
the management of organisations or company's most valuable assets. These assets are the people
working fo0r the organisation, and they contribute to its success. Human resource management is
also defined as the management of people’s skills and tasks towards the attainment of desired
ends or objectives. The primary purpose of human resource management is to make sure that the
business can be successful through people (Noe et al., 2017). Management of people’s skills and
talents as the organisation assets enables the organisations to gain a competitive advantage over
the competitors.
However, human resource managers are faced with challenges when managing their
workforce. One of the most challenging issues related to human resource management is the
talent or employees retention. In the present working places, employees are always looking for
many opportunities from their employment. Some of these opportunities include attractive
compensation [packages and benefits, growth opportunities, among others (Albrecht et al.,
2015). Therefore, employees may leave an organisation for many reasons, especially if they feel
that their employers do not recognize them. It has consequently become a primary source of
concern that human resource management has to look for a way and apply the right strategies
and approaches to retain their valuable talents.
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