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Human Resource Management morgan hunt

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

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Human Resource Management
Word count 4000
Total Word count 4568
Executive summary
As itInitially it focuses on defining and understanding human resources as a whole in a broad sense. The
identification of the business case of responsibilities of the Human resources departmentis the initial
process in formulating a strategic action plan and development. Therefore, this report functions as the
research and initial development of the Morgan Hunt organization’s.
Table of content
Task 1
Purpose, roles and functions of human resources pg4
Best Fit and Best Practicespg5
Hard and soft HRM pg5
Recruitment and selection pg5
Internal and external approach’spg6
Line manager and their roles and responsibilities pg7
Motivation for employeespg7
Task 2
Employees performance pg8
Flexible workingpg8
Employees retention pg9
HRM work practices pg.9-11
Human resource management is the process of establishing a strategy, growing and allocating schemes,
and reinforcing HR arrangements in a company. The HR department has a variety of responsibilities inside
the company. The HR department's responsibilities include analysing the issues that employees have while
working for the organization. It is commonly involved in the proper fulfilment of HR in order to import
superior results. Employee achievement, such as recruitment and training action, contributes to an
organization's growth, which reduces human resource decision-making. Their responsibilities include
selecting, verifying, hiring, onboarding, and promoting the complete organization's services and operations.
(Rob Jones,2019,pg150-151)
Human Resource Management Purpose
It is the responsibility of HR Management to complement people within and outside of an organization in
order to carry out the organization's goals. The company exchanges information with the employees in
order to familiarize them with the perception and arrangement to their demand. Morgan Hunt's HR
management envisions the nation as organizational revenues and domestic customers, and works to build
employee satisfaction, adaptability, and strength. (Alfes, 2013,pp.839-859)
Morgan Hunt's Human Resource Management Functions
The Organization's HRM functions are as follows:
Perks and allowances are provided to an organization's employees.
A human asset completes the re-building association's activities.
The human resource department must work on the employee's physical, social, psychological,
emotional, and behavioural specifications. (Alfes, 2013,pp.839-859)
Workforce Planning and Resources
Workforce planning could aid in maintaining employee commitment and reservation levels. This is used to
provide up the roles to an organization's needs and primary concern, as well as the workforce, in order to
ensure that government, regulatory resources, and organizational motives are met. (Giauque, et. al., 2013,
Workforce planning can be broken down into two categories: short-term predicting future trends and long-
term forecasting trends.
Short-term forecasting is prone to-
Roles with high volume
It is difficult to replace professionalism.
Immediate requirements of upcoming projects
Long-term forecasting has a tendency-
Calculated business expansion
Expertise that is difficult to find (Giauque, et. al., 2013,pp.123-150.).
Most HR skilled and experienced occupations will necessitate a diverse set of abilities. A broad base of
business knowledge and a foundation in sociology are advantageous. The best HR professionals have
excellent written and verbal communication skills, just like PCs. Here are some of the skills in this
Employee relations
HR Information Software for Onboarding (HRIS)
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