IBS 806 Final Report Fact Sheet


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IBS 806 Final Report Fact Sheet
This is a sheet designed to solidify your research and provide information
for completing your global strategy report. This should be New Zealand
wine company check this link
Weighting: 10%
Due: 28th June, 1.00 pm.
Name of Chosen Brand (this is the perspective you will take for the
Ans- Huia Wines
Brand Architecture:
Is this a corporate brand, or product range brand?
ANS- This Company is both corporate and product range brand.
If there are more than one brand in the portfolio, draw or describe the
brand portfolio.
Ans- From the past 21 years, Mike and Claire have been developing wine
from the vines which they have planted themselves. With the help of
biodynamic and organic practice and philosophy, these wines are hand-
crafted to showcase their special place within Marlborough. Huia is
understood as one of the wine firms that are dignified and elegant but are
delicious and Moorish. These wines have been created so that they can
enjoy with their friends.
What products do they sell?
Ans- Their products include Huia organic chardonnay, Huia organic
Gewurztraminer, Huia Organic Botrytis Riesling, Huia Organic Pinot Noir,
Huia Organic Dry Riesling, Huia Organic Pinot Gris, Huia Organic
Sauvignon Blanc and Huia Organic Sparkling Brut Rose.
What countries do they currently sell in?
Ans-They sell in the countries like Australia, Norway, US and Japan. It is
also exported to the countries like UK and Ireland. They are selling in
around more than 40 nations.
With respect to their current overall markets, describe the competitive
groups with which they compete? This is likely to be market groups
rather than individual producers.

(e.g. this could be a group of producers with similar positioning, or a group
that fit a similar marketing offer that could act as a substitute).
Ans- There is large numbers of small and big wine producers within the
New Zealand who are giving tough competition to Huia Wine. Some of
them are Grava Wines Greystone wines, Harwood hall etc.
Would you recommend a concentration or diversification international
(concentration means focusing on few markets, diversification means
many markets).
Ans- It is recommended that this firm chooses diversification as a
strategy. This is because it will help the firms to generate new sources of
revenue. At the same time, it helps the companies to improve the ways in
which they deal with the competition. On the larger note, a firm must be
able to improve in the areas like product diversification so that they are
able to deal with the challenges that they are experiencing in any one
Are there any markets not currently served that need investigating?
Ans- They need do investigation in the niche market. This is because there
is an increment in the demand for the luxury wines. In this condition it is
essential that firm focuses on this sub segment in the market. An
investigation in different markets has to be done so that company can
focus on these specific segments. This market can give additional benefits
to the company. A thorough research about the demographics needs to be
done in different market so as to have a clear understanding about the
marketplaces in which they can sale these products to do marketing
efficiently. According to their capacity, this firm can set prices and work
towards satisfying the needs of the consumers.
Would you advocate a global strategy or a multi-national strategy?
Ans- It is advised that if the firm chooses a multi-national strategy, they
must go for the innovation and research as the multi-national strategy.
This is because, it enables the firm to improve the quality and work
towards satisfying the need of the consumers. This firm needs to
concentrate on bringing different taste in their offerings as per the specific
demands in the market. For example they can sell premium brands in
European market while New Zealand can be chosen for lower priced

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