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Impact of HRM Decision Making

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Added on  2020-10-22

Impact of HRM Decision Making

   Added on 2020-10-22

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Human Resource Management 1. Employee Relations Employee relation is an important part of the every organization.Success of organization which is depends on good and effectiverelation between the employer and employee of Marks and Spencer.Effective relation give a positive impact on the decision-making. Formaking effective and positive relations with their employee.Management of Marks and Spencer provide effective awards to theiremployee. This will help to making effective relations with employee.Hr department play an important role to manage the relationshipbetween employer and employee. Positive relation is strength of thecompany. This help to eradicate the problems between them. 3. Identify and list various employment legislations that are key for an organisation's.M&S has to adopt all major three areas of legislation in order to protract the overall environment of the organisation. Employment legislation implement to absence from work, sickness and holidays. There are many employment legislations which are utilisedwithin the M&S. Such as Health and Safety Act, 2010:Pros: Help to ensure the well-being of people in the workplace.Cons: Spending more time for applying in the process. Equality Act, 2010:Pros:Treatment equally to every employee in the workplace. Cons: There is not area of personal behaviour in the firm. Data Protection Act, 1998:Pros: It provides guidance and best practices rules for companies.Cons:The cost of compliances is certainly one which has promoted company to consider their data protection duties.National Minimum Wages Act , 1998:Pros: This act helps to decrease the tax burden. Cons: It can disrupt the economic system.2. Importance of employee relation in decision making.Improve productivityStrong employee relation creates effective atmosphere atworkplace. It helps to increase the employee's motivation and boosttheir morale towards achieve work goal of Marks and Spencer. Forexample: when employer of organisation creates friendly environmentin team then employees are able to share any problems with employerwithout any hesitation. This will help improve productivity of companyand make positive relation with employees. Increase employee loyaltyPositive relationship of employees are important for Marksand Spencer. For example: when management of Marks and Spencertreat their employee equal according to their performance. By thisemployee feel they are part of the organization and give their hardcontribution to achieve goals of company. By this fair and equaltreatment employee are more loyal for the company and importantmake effective relation. Increased moraleFeel secure and confident within the organisation. For example: employer give rewards to their employees like compensation, benefits, appreciation front ofwhole staff member. This will help boost employee’s morale towards improve productivity and create positive relation with employees. Employer and employee aretwo pillars of the organisation. Good and healthy relationship between both is effective for growth of company. 4. Explaining the impact of HRM decision making Discussing the pros and cons of each legislations. Health and safety, 2010 is the act in which company needs to ensure that securing the health and safety, welfare ofemployees in the M&S. Therefore, company needs to follow this act for well-being and welfare of workers, so that they aremaking decisions relating to employees health and safety within the organization (Bratton and Gold, 2017). process.
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