Information System Project Management Report

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INFORMATION SYTEM PROJECT MANAGEMENTBy (Name)CourseInstructor’s NameInstitutional AffiliationThe City and StateThe Date
Executive summaryThe project report is about a company which organized human resource training for itsemployees to increase on the efficiency and work flow among its workers. The report covers thescope of the project plan, evaluation of failures and success, unique features of IT management,the project life cycle, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communication, risk, andprocurement management which ensured the project success.Project definition and scopeThe project report is based on Real home of Electronics Company limited, one of thelargest electronics supplying company in the world based in the United States which carried outa general training of its employees to increase on their techniques and skills. The company has ateam of employees who supply and distribute the company products to the respective clients/products both online and physically stores (Rosacker and Rosacker 2010, p.590).By organizing this training, the company was able to improve on the skills of itsemployees to meet the professionalism in relation to their respective department or field ofoperation. The training also helped in developing mentoring the interpersonal skills to meet thedemands of many clients who need to access the company services from its offices (Davis andVenkatesh 2004, p.40).Project life cycleFor the project to be completed, it passed through the following process;The project manager and the project team first defined the project scope, described theschedule and analyzed the costs that were likely to be incurred before the project execution
began. The project plan was developed by describing different phases which the projectunderwent and identifying the beginning and ending date of each phase. After the completion ofthe phases, all the exercises done during the project were analyzed and the general meeting washeld for the closure of the project (Nolan and McFarlan 2005, p.96).Unique feature of IT managementThe project managed well its information technology and the following were the featuresof the management of the IT.a)Software management; in the project, the intangible component weremanaged in the human resource training project by following the complete procedures ofdevelopment from requirement gathering to maintenance according to the methodologythat were chosen.b)Hardware installation; this was done by choosing hardware configurationthat were compatible to the applications that were to be installed in accordance to the userdemands.c)Network upgrading; this was done by improving on the networkperformance during the project development.d)Cloud computing; in IT management, this was essential to let the team usefiles and applications over the internet.Scope managementDuring the implementation of the project, the scope was defined, documented andapproved by the appropriate personnel who were responsible, that is the project manager and theproject team members. It was protected from unauthorized changes which would be edited,
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