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Information System 1INFORMATION SYSTEMStudent’s NameCourseLecturerUniversity
Information System 2Part 1Question 1Facebook Business Social Influencer program is a marketing strategy in which brands collaborate with Facebook influencers to reach out consumers. Through Facebook Business Social Influencer Program, CEO of Samsung can gain various benefits. By joining this program, the CEO can increase the exposure of the company. Given the fact that Facebook is the largest social platform in the world, the CEO can reach a wide audience and enhance brand awareness. The platform also has cross promotional capabilities which can give the CEO access to a diverse audiences (Qualman, 2010). By developing social media content on Facebook for influencer marketing campaigns, the CEO can maximize the impact of promoted brand content and encourage viewers to take action such as visiting the company’s website (Evans, 2010). However, the CEO faces a major challenge in developing a comprehensive Facebook influencer marketing campaign as the target audience may use different languages. Question 2Porter’s Five Force ModelThe entry barrier in the car rental industry is high due to the large capital investments required to start the business. However, since carnextdoor has increased awareness of the rental system, newentrants have much less risks.The bargaining power of buyers is medium. Due to the increasing demand of the service, carnextdooor can influence the cost of the service. On the other hand, carnextdoor’s customers can control quality and price by sharing their experience of using the service.
Information System 3Due the large number of suppliers available in the country, the bargaining power of suppliers is low. Carnextdoor faces threast from several substitutes such as taxi, public transport, and personal cars. Taxi are as convenient as carnextdoor and do not charge membership fees. Public transport is cheaper than carnextdoor and personal car is cheaper, convenient, and quicker than the company’s services (Redman, 2013). Industry rivalry: There are several competitors in the industry that offer a similar service. Rivals such as Zipcar operate under peer-to-peer business model and have online-based car rental services (Shaheen, 2013). Thus, Carnextdoor does not hold any competitive advantage. Question 3An organizational strategy defines how a firm should change in order to provide a plan of making transformation. This requires an analysis of the business to compare current state to expected stage and identify gap and capabilities to implement the changes. Effective organizational strategy incorporates business strategy which is concerned with the competitiveness of the business in order to make a change that enables it to gain a competitive advantage and achieve high performance (Teece, 2010). Information systems provide competitive advantage as business success is largely determined by technology used. Thus, through strategic IT planning, technology can be properly aligned with business goals. Business strategy focuses on how a firm competes in a market is concerned with the strategic decisions about product choice, gaining competitive edge, exploiting new opportunities, etc. The strategy not only outlines business goals but also is concerned with future (Zheng, 2010). Thus, if a company such as Facebook does not use business strategy as a driver of its organization

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