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Running head: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY0Information Technology
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY1Table of ContentsNo table of contents entries found.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY2IntroductionThe intense competition between corporations, due to globalisation, has influenced everyindustry in the world. The tourism and hospitality sectors are facing a similar intensecompetition between various companies and countries. The success of modern tourismorganisation depends upon the successful implementation of the latest technology in theiroperations. Many states are also implementing modern technology into various touristdestinations to provide a better experience to tourist. The information technology haschanged multiple aspects of tourism sectors including the use of internet in reservationsystems, mobile communications, computer programs and much more. The latest technologybenefits customers by providing them a constant and streamlining hassle-free experiencefrom booking to checkout. These technological modifications have augmented the growth oftourism industry. This report will focus on analysing the influence of information technologyover the tourism sector. Further, the report will evaluate positive and negative factors oftechnology in the tourism industry.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY3Tourism IndustryThe travel and tourism industry is significantly more substantial regarding revenues; it is oneof the largest sectors regarding global economic contribution. As per Statista 2017, thetourism industry contributed more than US$7.61 trillion in 2016 financial year, and theincome was more than US$1.22 trillion. In case of Australia, the tourism industry makesabout 3 percent of the country’s GDP, and it contributed more than AU$47.5 billion. TillJune 2017, travels has spent a record of AU$40.6 billion in the tourism industry of Australia;this number has increased by 7 percent. The Australian travel corporations have welcomedmore than 8.5 million foreign travelers till June 2017; the number of travels has grown by 8.9percent in Australia (Tourism Australia 2017). The tourism industry is proliferating with theintroduction of modern technology; the internet has changed the method of travel for peoples.Modern travel organisations are under constant pressure from competitors to update theirfacilities with advanced technology for successful development (Deery and Jago 2009).Information TechnologyThe information technology is the implementation and examination of various systems whichinclude computers and telecommunications, for storing, recovering and distributioninformation. As per Buhalis and Law (2008), this field contains design, support, andmanagement of database systems which collect the data from various users; such data use bycomputer specialist and experts into forming multiple strategies. Information technology haschanged the method of data collection sources and marketing strategies for corporations.Organisations use IT procedures to collect the data of from their targeted customers, and theirmarketing strategies are also customised according to their consumer's requirement. Thesecompanies use social media sites, data collection centers, artificial intelligence algorithmsand other internet services to collect such data and implement their strategies. The tourismindustry also uses a similar procedure for reaching targeted customersRole of IT in Tourism IndustryModern technology influence the method of business operations in every industry, the markethas to change its operation according to the latest technology. Though the ages, the progressof technology has developed the tourism industry. The implementation of computertechnology can be divided into three main parts which include operations, guest facilities, and
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